Jesus did miracles through the Holy Spirit (not through his divinity)

Many Christian believe that Jesus healed people, cast out demons, and did miracles; because he is God. It's true that Jesus is God, but he did not do these things through his divinity. Philippians 2 tells us that he set aside his divinity during his life as a man. There is also the Mark 13:32 problem. An aspect of God is that God knows everything. But in Mark 13:32, Jesus does not know. The reason he does not know is not because he is not God, but because he set aside his divinity for his earthy life.

That leads to my point that Jesus healed people, did miracles, cast out demons, and did everything that was ministering through the Holy Spirit. That same Holy Spirit empowers or anoints believers to do the same kind of things Jesus did, today.

I thought I would write a post on this because I think that this is still not widely known and I heard Peter Wagner talk on this, this past week. He was preaching at Freedom Church, Dutch Sheets Church, last Sunday and I heard the podcast.