I learned a few things about time and timing yesterday from Dutch Sheets:
There are generally three kinds of time: Chronos (time periods, general time), Kairos (a window in time, a specific period or moment in time, now time), and Pleroma (means fullness, "it's happening now"). These are Greek terms and there may be more to learn with Hebrew words, but I'd like to mention a few things about these Greek words or the concepts involved.

When you come into Kairos time, it's time to do something. If you don't do something, nothing will happen or what happens may not go well. Before the window of Kairos, you're doing things like waiting, standing, watching, listening, and abiding. While you will still do many of these in Kairos, it's different. Time to pray differently, time to move, time to do whatever you are being called to do, in obedience; in order to shift.

A good farmer knows that each year has seasons. Seasons to plant, to water, and to harvest. Life has seasons too. God has times and seasons and we have to flow with His calender.