I have sent him.

Col. 4:8a

Have you been sent? Where have you been sent to? Did you think that you were just incognito in your life, your job, your relationships? Does God only specially send certain people or are we all sent all the time or most of the time? Did God send you to be your spouses spouse and your children's parent? Did God send you to your neighborhood?

Have you gone where you weren't sent? Have you tried to go where you weren't sent?

Have you gone the opposite way from where God wanted to send you and bad stuff happened?

Are you waiting to be sent? Is God waiting to send you? Are you prepared to be sent? Are you doing what you know to do to prepare?

Write your letter, let your letter be written. Maybe you can't read what God's written.

Get the postage on that letter. Get is sealed. And prepare to be sent.