Eventide is an older English word that means, "the time of the evening". Various times of day are symbolic of particular things. You need to know what time it is, figuratively, to position yourself and to flow. A good farmer obviously needs to know his seasons or he's in trouble. A person walking in the spirit also needs to know what time it is and what season it is, figuratively.

Chuck Pierce published a book in 2006 called "Reordering Your Day", in which he describes the different prayer watch times. here are notes from pages 81-81 on the evening watch:

1. The First Watch; (Evening Watch) 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm
•During this hour we regroup
•Be still before the Lord away from the world
•Psalm 46: 10
•Time for meditation
•Find 30 minutes to meditate before going to bed
•From your meditation, release your anxieties to the Lord in prayer
•Isaac went out to meditate in the field of the evening (Gen. 24: 63)
•In the place of meditation, Isaac saw his future
•The evening watch is your time of focus, which allows you to start your day with a mentality of success
•The Lord will use the evening watch to purge you of fears and anxieties that would keep you from advancing into His perfect plan
•Try to do this every day

If you are in a eventide, time of the evening, prayer watch time: where you're at in your journey time; then there is some good insight on what to do in this time, from Chuck Pierce, noted above.

You're regrouping. You're getting centered. You're seeing your future. You're getting purged of fears.