How people get bored with revival

He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.
Psalm 103:7

I was listening to Byron Wicker talk about the Argentine revivals of the 80's and 90's and how large numbers of people who were involved in the revival became bored after some time. Bored with God. How could this be? People who saw many people come from darkness to light and change, people who saw miracles and deliverance's, people who were there in meetings when God's presence was palpable. These same people became bored.

I think that being in the meetings, being a member, being a ministry person, being a leader; none of these things will induce you to walk with God for the long term. They're all good and fine, but something else is way more required. It might be called your secret history with God, intimacy with God, or your real openness in your heart; your prayer closet times. Remember when Jesus said to the ministers, "I never knew you"? You have to know him and let him know you. He already knows you, being God, but what Jesus is talking about here is a relationship. Jesus is saying that these ministry people did these (good) things outside of a working relationship with him. He obviously wants that and it's dangerous to not have it or not nurture it.

Knowing him and desiring to know him is what sustains you to go on. Not the works- seeing mighty works or even doing them. God's acts are awesome, but getting to know his ways is real personal and vulnerable and life changing and ultimately valuable. You'll never get bored.