God gathers

"In that day," declares the LORD,
"I will gather the lame;
I will assemble the exiles
and those I have brought to grief.
I will make the lame a remnant,
those driven away a strong nation.
The LORD will rule over them in Mount Zion
from that day and forever.
Micah 4:6-7
We look around today at spiritual fellowships and we wonder where God is in them. Jesus famously said, "I will build my church". Now, if he is doing that today, there must be some data on the how and the who and the what of it in the book.
God gathers the lame. God really cares about people who are sick, or infirm.
God assembles the exiles. Many people love God and believe the Bible, but don't do church. Many people have stopped going to church but still carry Christ in their hearts. Some people have been banished from the church by church people. Everyone who's been to church has been hurt there, but many people choose to go away. The Lord wants to gather these people.
God wants to gather those he has brought to grief. Every bad thing is not God's fault, but God takes responsibility for allowing you to be brought to a place of grieving.
God wants to make the lame a remnant. What if there are people who stay lame, who never get a miracle of healing, and God wants to use them in a special way? What if you're waiting until you get whole for God to use you and he wants to use you with your limp or dysfunction?
God wants to make those who've been driven away into a strong nation. What if God's beloved son's a daughters are people who've been driven out by other's who claimed God's authority? What is God says, "I want that one and that one and that one that was driven away from my people and I'll make them into a great group"?
God cares about the outcasts. Remember Jesus talking about the shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep to get back the one.