God's building

Unless the Lord builds the house, the workers labor in vain.
Psalm 127:1a

At first glance, this word might be taken to mean that God's got to be at the center of something, inspiring it and empowering it, blessing it; for it to be real or valid or authentic. While that is true, it is the secondary meaning. The primary meaning is revealed by looking at the original words that were chosen. The words for build and house have the same root as son and daughter, as well as each other. So, "builds the house", is not primarily talking about building a place of worship or a community thereof, nor is it primarily talking about building a business. It is primarily talking about God building families. Then, if you want to talk about God building the church for instance, you have to go back to this fact that God is a family man. When God builds something, he builds it through fathers and mothers and sons and daughters. Fathers and mothers have children and they also adopt children. This is God's building plan.