Shifting supply lines

Arise, go to Zarephath which belongs to Sidon and dwell there. Behold, I have commanded a widow to feed you.
1Kings 17:3

Previously, Elijah had been commanded to go to the brook Cherith where he got water and the Ravens fed him. But, a time came when that provision ended and God directed him to a new one.
The brook drying up and the Ravens no longer bringing food, focused Elijah back onto trust in God, rather than reliance on God's gifts. Elijah is drained of self reliance.

Zarephath is the third place Elijah has been moved to in this season.
Zarephath is a Gentile city, in the region that Jezebel is from.
The word Zarephath means refinery.

God took Elijah from the brook in Israel to a Gentile widow. Jesus references this story in Luke 4:25-6.

God sovereignly chooses people, unexpected people, people out of left field; who will be key people God has chosen to help us. God chooses someone whom He will have to do a miracle through to bring provision. He chooses someone who will allow Him to do this.

When we rely on God for our provision, we find that he shifts where it comes from sometimes and we have to exercise faith to receive new supply.