Two lanes

Some thoughts about two lanes:

You're either coming or going. What I mean is that you are either going away from or towards something in particular. Neutral always means drifting backwards. So, are you going forward in faith, in God, in love, in reconciliation; or are you moving away from these things?
My insight is that if you don't know, you're probably drifting backwards.

The number two lane. It's good to be in the number two lane. Number one lane people are passers and speeders. You may use the number one lane from time to time, to pass slower drivers; but it's safer to get back in the #2 lane as soon as you can. Let others pass you who are in more of a hurry or have a need for speed that isn't who you are called to be.

Being a #2 person. It's good to have someone you are serving. It's good to let someone else have the spotlight, while you hold their water bottle, hair brush or flashlight.