You already have what you need to do it

I had this little accident with super glue. I was holding a tube of it and I accidentally squeezed it and since the cap was not on tight, the glue flowed onto my hands. My friend grabbed a piece of paper to set the glue tube on and I rushed to the sink to wash the stuff off with soap and water, but it was too late. The glue had dried all over my fingers. Soap and water did very little to dissolve it.

I got on the computer and read that nail polish remover would take care of it. I read more and found out that petroleum jelly also will dissolve super glue. I think realized that I had lip balm in my pocket that probably contained petroleum jelly. Yes, it worked.

I then thought of God's word to Moses: "What is that in your hand?", in Exodus 4:2. I realized that this experience was a metaphor for the fact that God prepares us in advance for work or problems. Many times, you've already got what you need when the moment of need comes.
Only a week or so before my incident did I start carrying lip balm in my pocket.