The fourth watch

I'm thinking about this concept of the fourth watch. There are eight three hour watches that make up the day and each one has it's own significance. Chuck Pierce has a whole book about the watches and this is a one paragraph summation from Chuck on the fourth watch:

The fourth (morning) watch is the time the Lord reveals His glory. there is a breaking of a new day, an ultimate returning of God’s glory to Israel. Even with all of Israel’s problems throughout history, she has a wonderful future as a nation. She is God’s chosen nation of example. One day all nations will face the decision whether or not to align with and reconcile their relationship with Israel - with eternal consequences. On an individual level, this watch also represents the power of resurrection as we watch with the Lord. If you will continue to watch with Him, then you will experience His glory. Your future will be established.

The fourth watch is all about the breaking of a new day. There is a time when we are being prepared for the new thing and then there is a time when the new is beginning.