Once bitten, twice shy

I've met people who have been divorced who are now living with their beloved, refusing to get married once again. I used to enjoy pork chops until I got sick from them. Same thing with shell fish. Ten years ago, I would go swimming in the ocean four to five days a week during the summer, until I had a bad experience with rip tide and was rescued by a lifeguard named James. Once bitten, twice shy.

After hosting a home church that fell apart after less than a year, I was reluctant to start another one; but I eventually did anyway and it fell apart too, but we were blessed during its season. Many people suffer a miscarriage, but go on to have a baby later. Major league batters who hit home runs also strike out.

What I've learned is that I can't let defeats define me and neither would I want successes to.
Caution is fine, but frozen in fear is not good. Many people give up on something they have some passion about whether it's finding love or loving lawn mowing. Perseverance.