God is asking, "where are you?"

The LORD called out to the man and asked, "Where are you?"-Genesis 3:9

As Christians or mono-theistic believers, who deem ourselves to be spiritual; we might think that God would never ask this of us. As Bible studying, church-going, walking-with-Jesus-through-life people; we may think think of God asking "where are you?" to us as absurd. But what if you are like that and he is asking?

You might fire back, saying that God of course knows where you are, and after all- you are a believer rather than a pre-believer who's hiding out, even in their unbelief.

What if God is asking where are you, to you?

God, being God, already knows where we are, so why would he ask this question of us?

He might be asking us to "come out" and state to him where we are at. God is relational. Other "gods" are not. No matter how much "stuff" is between us and God, he is still contacting us.