Jesus wants the misfits in his church

In the Christmastime TV show, "Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer," there is a scene where we see toys that are imperfect and discarded to a place called The Island of Misfit Toys.

John Wimber had a vision of a conveyor belt with potatoes on it. People were setting aside the ones that were flawed in some way and God spoke to him that those were the ones He would send to John's church.

Steve Sjogren had an experience where he saw a very dirty and worn penny on the pavement that he picked up. God said something to the effect that if Steve would accept and welcome the rough people that He would send, He would bless him.

I'm thinking about this today because I just read the message from a church planter who gave a talk basically saying that if you have any problems, don't join our church. A bunch of people cheered him on, basically saying, "You are so right... I hate it when those people with problems come to our church." Another older gentleman read the younger church planter's post and responded that the guy (in summary) does not want the kind of church described in the New Testament.

I love a good discussion (142 comments and counting). I can agree with much of what the young church planter guy says, but many of his points seem short-sighted and shallow. Now, I am hoping he will read and respond to the older gentleman and others. WE so often talk past each other and have dialogues of the deaf (Paul Tounier).

If you start a church (or a Rotary etc.), people will come that are difficult for you to be around or with their agendas. This is just people stuff. How to respond to them is where church happens and it doesn't come from the one guy or even a select group or tier, but from everyone. "You give them something to eat", said Jesus (Luke 9:13).