I got the idea that the book of Jonah contains some answers about God's will for my life and maybe for yours too. The word Jonah means dove, which also means peaceful being, or gift from God. The name Jonah is a reminder of God's gift, the prince of peace, Jesus Christ. God gave this gift out of love and out of His compassion and Mercy. Christ died for all. No one is too bad to be redeemed by his precious blood. Dove also reminds us of The Spirit of God, who was described as landing on Jesus as a dove. In the Song of Solomon, the lover describes his beloved as a dove. God's people are peaceful, come and go in peace. God's people carry gifts, are gifted, and are even gifts themselves through the operation of the Spirit of God.

The book of Jonah is about death, burial, and resurrection in Christ.

(This picture is from Father Joseph of Redlands, CA)