Take authority

Look, I have given you authority to crush snakes and scorpions underfoot. I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you.  -Luke 10:19

When are you going to take authority?  Do Christians today take authority?  Do we even know what is means to take authority?  

What about deliverance ministries in the church?  Where are they or what happened to them?

We counsel. We do a lot of teaching. We disciple and mentor. We huddle and we coach.  We even have recovery groups and rehabilitation centers. But what happened to deliverance?  

Some Christian people have nagging sinful patterns that they can not get free from. But, what about deliverance?  When was the last time you had deliverance at your church?  Have you learned how to take authority?  Do we even know about authority, what it is and how to use it?

What if we have overlooked spiritual warfare as part of the normal Christian life?  What if we are mostly ignoring our enemies in the spiritual realm? I am awakening again to the reality that I need to be on alert and take authority.