Joined To God or Good For Nothing

So I went to the Euphrates and I dug up the linen undergarment from the place I had buried it. But it was ruined and good for nothing.  -Jeremiah 13:7

Are you joined to God?  Do you cleave to God?  Are clinging to God?  Relationship with God means to cleave or cling to God.  You know the first verse about marriage in the Bible, "a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife" (Genesis 2:24)?  It means "joined".  God wants all his people joined to him or the relationship will not work and they will become good for nothing.  Are you joined to God or good for nothing? 

You might think you are joined to God, but if you do not listen to, which means obey, God; then you are not joined to God and have become good for nothing.  If you are chasing after other gods (no-gods), then you are not clinging to God and are good for nothing.  If you are worshiping anything other than God, then you are not clinging to God and are good for nothing.

God wants a people who will cling to him, be joined to him, and cleave to him.  God wants a people he can glorify himself through.  God wants a people that he can display Christ through.  That people is intimate with God.

Just as a linen undergarment clings to the body, so I created the people of Israel and Judah to cling to me, declares the Lord, to be my people for my honor, praise, and grandeur. But they wouldn’t obey.  -Jeremiah 13:11

God told Jeremiah to buy a loincloth or undergarment.  He told him to wear it for a while without washing it.  Then God told Jeremiah to take it off and place it between some rocks.  Some time went by and then God told Jeremiah to go retrieve the garment and by that time, it was no good.  God then told Jeremiah that this is what his people are like when they refuse to cling to him, but proudly get involved in idolatry. 

If God called for intimacy and faithfulness from his people in Jeremiah's day, isn't God the same today and also desires and requires intimacy and faith-fullness from his people today?   

To be joined to God is a life style of glorifying God and being cleansed from sin and the affects of sin by God.  To be joined with God means a life of relying on God's grace to walk in obedience.  To be joined with God also means a life of repentance.  When sins take place there is immediate repentance, because we are so close to God that our sins are exposed by the light and repentance is instant.  To be joined with God also means no idols, no idolatry, and no worship of no-gods.  Idolatry can not co-exist with and in the heart that clings to God.

Those who say they are God's people, but do not cling to God, become believers, "in name only", or "I never knew you", people.  These people are good for nothing.  There is a delusion that you are ok, but you are not.  It is never too late to repent, to start over, to come to your senses.

Be joined to God.