He'll Be Coming Round The Mountain

Listen! It’s my lover: here he comes now, leaping upon the mountains, bounding over the hills.  My lover is like a gazelle or a young stag.
-Song of Solomon 2:8-9a

I heard the song in my heart that, "He'll be coming round the mountain when he comes."  Can you hear him coming?

A move of God is coming.  Awakening, revival, or times of refreshing.  It's coming and He is coming.

The way God comes could be described as leaping, dancing, and spinning.  We know God is not human, but God is a person, three persons; and we can only describe God and his movements in human terms and words.  Bible writers probably saw and heard things that they could not adequately describe, so, for example, in Ezekiel and Revelation we read, "like a"(1).

To see and hear him coming, you will have to look and listen.  Today, you can hear him coming.  Tomorrow, you will hear his voice.  The following day (the third day), you will see him.

To hear, you must listen, so listen.  You will have to turn down, turn away from, and turn off the other sounds; so you can hear.  You'll hear before you see and you will hear even if you can not seen.

Will you listen and hear your lover, the Lord?  Or will you stay distracted and instead hear thunder (John 12:29)?  Do you know that when Jesus walked the earth, many people missed it, including his own brothers (John 7:3-5)?  Even you and me, believers seeking more of God, can miss a move of God, if we are not attentive; so stop, look and listen.

When he comes, he will round the mountain.  He will leap upon the mountain.  He will bound over the hills.  This means many things.  Jesus will take the high places, in our lives and in the world; if we will partner with him in prayer and deed.

Problems, impasses, obstacles: things that are in the way or hindering you life or your dream from God, are not a problem for Jesus.  He dances on them.  When he is with you, when he comes, the problem is solved.  He moves the mountain or he moves you away from the mountain or he moves you up the mountain or he leaves the mountain and changes the way you see the mountain.

When he comes, he is all you need or desire.  It has always been that way, but as we anticipate his coming and listen and watch, turning our ears and eyes away from the dim world, to the horizon; we come into congruency, harmony, and alignment.

Can you hear him coming?

Painting Credit: Upon The Mountains  2010, John Grapperhaus

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