You (alone), Lord, are my (assigned) portion (inheritance), my cup; you control (hold and contain) (guard) my destiny (my lot, all that is mine).
The property lines have fallen beautifully for me (have fallen for me in pleasant places); yes, I have a lovely (good, wonderful) home (heritage, inheritance), (I am well content with my inheritance).

-Psalm 16:5-6 CEB (AMP, NLT, NEB) 
When you hear the word inheritance, do you think of money or land?  Do you think of the family business?  Or do you experience anguish and loss?  Maybe inheritance, to you, is something experienced by other people, perhaps by rich people.  It hasn't happened for you.  Maybe there was none or someone else took yours.

David, son of Jesse, as the younger brother, might have had no inheritance coming from his parents.  But David had a revelation of a deeper and wider inheritance, that is available to all God's children.  If you are God's child, God is your inheritance.  God's resources are unlimited.  The amount you receive depends on you.  

Years ago, I heard these verses mentioned in a sermon by a man who had moved his family many times, to plant churches.  I assumed that he was saying how much he liked where he was now living and is content.  But, since then, he has moved and changed jobs at least three times.

What he was talking about, was God and God alone in his life.  Everything we need is in God.  That is contentment.  The world is always discontent.  We want what other people have.  We think that houses, cars, jobs or positions, and status will bring happiness and they do not.

We need to want more of God.  God's resources are unlimited.  If you want something someone else has, then want their walk with God, their experience of knowing God's love.  Only that will satisfy.

God is our inheritance and everything we need comes from God, and only God can satisfy our deepest longings.  God also has a destiny for each one of us.  God has a lot for each one.  God's lot for you is better than what you could have come up with.

Our job is to recognize what our particular inheritance is.  Our quest is to let God transform us into the person he wants us to be, so that we can receive and lay hold of our inheritance.