With the measure you use, it will be measured to you (and even more).
-Matthew 7:2b, Mark 4:24b, Luke 6:38b

Isometric means "of the same measure" or equal measure.  The metric system is a system of measurement.  Jesus says this saying three times.  It means, "what you deal out, you will get back", which is how the CEB puts it.  It also means, "you'll be evaluated by the same standards with which you evaluate others", which is how the ISV translates it.

Our giving determines our getting, is what Jesus is saying.  Give out negative, you get negative; bless and you will be blessed; love and you will be loved; be generous, and generosity will flow back to you.

If you do not deal out anything, what will you get back?  Nothing.  If you are lonely and want friends, be friendly.  If you need something, then give something.  Money, for example.

If you want and need grace, be gracious.  This is where the judging, evaluating comes in.  Even if you are pointing out negatives that are true, you can do it graciously or ungraciously.  Jesus was gracious when he gave negative evaluations.

It's something to grow in, for us; to speak the truth in love or to care enough to confront.  If you can not say it with grace and love, then do not say it.  That's pretty simple.  Sternness and righteous indignation can be under-girded by love and grace.  Anger is allowed (Matt. 5:22), but rage and verbal abuse is out of bounds (Eph.4:26)

So, there is a principle in life to giving and getting.  It is not just about money, but it includes money.  If you give money to get money, then what?  Did you give with love and joy or out of greed or lust?  So, when the money comes back, it will come lovingly and joyously or in a greedy avarice-like, idolatrous way.

If Jesus is giving us a spiritual principle.  What you deal out, you will get back, and sometimes more.

The word is generosity.  Jesus is echoing Proverbs 11:25, "a generous person will prosper, and anyone who gives water will receive a flood in return", or as the NIV has it, "whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."

By the same principle, strict, judgmental, stingy, harsh, and mean people will find themselves living in a dim and negative atmosphere that they have brought upon themselves.

Many unhappy people are doing it to themselves.  Cultivating a generous soul is the best antidepressant out there.  Your measuring tape says "love and grace" on it.