Testimony and Salvation Songs

The ropes of death entangled me; floods of destruction swept over me.
-Psalm 18:4

Our lives are testimonies or salvation songs and they are still being written.  We all have our songs of deliverance.

The story of my life is his story.  My story is the story of Jesus delivering and saving me.

The Lord saved me from death.

I experienced a season of time when I thought I was going to die.  I was imagining my funeral.  I could feel the ropes of death and the waves of destruction closing in.  But, every day, I prayed for God to save me.

Death was getting closer.  I was like a man moving towards drowning, as the waters were getting more dangerous.  My confusion increased and my foolishness was great.  But I prayed.  I cried out from my weakened spirit, "Lord protect me".

God wanted to do a lot more than protect me, which he did, from death, but not from emotional pain.  God asked for me to surrender my whole life.  No deals, full Lordship.

The worst season of my life was turned around by God into the best season, up to that time.  God gave me such joy in my life that I smiled all the time, involuntarily.  It was not a silly grin, but authentic joy.

Thank you Jesus, for saving me.