You Rule The Oceans

You rule the oceans.
You subdue their storm-tossed waves.
-Psalm 89:9

My favorite place to go is to the beach, where I can see and hear the ocean.  Seeing and hearing the ocean always reminds me of how big and how powerful that God is.  The sand also provides a connection for my body with the immensity of the ocean and of God.

During a season of my life, I upped the ante in my love for the ocean.  I added another dimension to it by swimming.  The buoyancy factor of the salt water, along with the tidal flow was very enjoyable for me, and therapeutic or healing for my body, soul, and spirit.  And it was an El Nino season, so the water was very warm. 

I learned how to get away and seek God.  Jesus would get away to a mountain or mountainside (Luke 5:16 & 6:12).  The beach is my place, to get alone; where there are less or no people, and I can seek God there.  Even during the warmest part of the summer, I know the accessible, but lonely places to go, and to get alone.

When I look out to the ocean, it gets me in touch with or re-calibrates me to know just how big and powerful that God is.  In my house or in my yard, it is just not the same.  Looking up to the vast sky is  the next best thing, when I have to stay home.

When I look out to the vast ocean, I always think, and then I say, "but you are so much bigger than the ocean."  Being there centers me in who I am praying to and in that context, I pray.  The sand provides a kinetic experience to connect my body and soul into this place of prayer, that I cannot get anywhere else.

I believe that prayer is more about my coming into God than God coming to me with answers or blessings.  God Himself is the greatest gift and enough.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Yes, I come to God with requests, anxieties, worries, and many questions.  The experiences in prayer are varied.  Sometimes God astonishes me.  But the main result is more of God.  The answer to my prayers are always God Himself.  When I get more of God, I get what I really need.

"Let your goodness pass before me, right before my eyes.  Let your kingdom come, your will be done, in this earthen vessel.  You rule the oceans.  You subdue their storm-tossed waves."