Time and Eternity

The grass withers and the flowers fade beneath the breath of the Lord.  And so it is with people.
-Isaiah 40:7 (NLT)

God is eternal.  Everything on earth is temporal.  It is all fading.  Temporal things are useful for serving the eternal purposes of God, but they are not the focal point.

We live in time.  God, who stands outside of time, enters time, to help us.  God does not leave us to suffer in time.  

When God comes, intervenes, or interacts with us; he is catalytic in that he brings and provokes change.  The things of the world grow dim, as we behold him.  People repent or refuse to repent.  There is no hiding sin or pretending when God comes because he is light and truth.

When we are enamored with or stuck on temporal things, we need an adjustment.  Perhaps we need cleansing.  We need an eternal perspective.  Jesus taught his first disciples to pray, "thy kingdom come, they will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven."  

We are on our way to heaven.  We want to take others with us.  And we want to leave behind a legacy of heaven mindedness within our children.

We need to put our faith on and in God and the Word.  We need to learn to trust in and look to God and his eternal word, for affirmation.  The important thing is to prepare ourselves to have the glory of God at the center of our lives.

He is glorious.  We will experience God's glory and glorify God, if we live in his presence.  We need to turn our eyes off people and onto God, then back onto people.  In other words, get heaven's perspective, God's perspective; for people.

If we live a life before God's face, with his breath on and in our lives; we will live as Jesus lived.  We will put God first, before our selves and others.  We will have God's holiness working out our sanctification, or straightening out our lives to look more like Jesus.

We will not be judgmental, as in condemning without mercy, towards other people who are still walking in crookedness, but invite them to change their lives and receive God's love, that is the only hope for their change.

When we live in the breath of The Eternal One, we will have no time for, nor desire of, religious games of pretending, but live a life before God, having God's heart, and living out Jesus Christ's mission to save people for eternity.