Out of The Depths

Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord

From a sea of troubles I call out to you, Lord.

From the depths of disaster I appeal to You, O Eternal One.
-Psalm 130:1 (NIV, CEV, VOICE)

I heard, "out of the depths".  It was dark, the middle of the night.  I knew it was in the Bible, but did not know it was Psalm 130, until I looked it up.

Out of the depths, is the cry of a person, who feels alone, underneath, and entombed by troubles.  Depths, to me, implies darkness, and distance.  God seems far off, while troubles a piled up, over, and around you.

But, in this deathlike place, in this experience of separation from the living God, we cry to, we call out to, and we appeal to God.  We do this, because we believe that God hears, we believe that God  cares, we believe that God is faithful and loyal.  We choose to believe that God is good, no matter what, and that God hears the prayers of his children.  

In the place of disaster, of overwhelming stress, anxiety, or hopeless depression; we send a message to God.  We might feel very weak, and perhaps condemned.   But we have a measure of faith.  That faith may be very small, like a flicker.  Our voice is weak, we may not even have a voice.

But we call out to the Lord.  Help.  From the midst of feelings of death, we call out.  That's all.  

The hardest part is the beginning, starting.  Once you decide to call and send God a message, there might be just a little bit more grace to make the message longer, and finally, to encourage yourself and perhaps, others, with the revelation reminder, that God is loyal to his own, God is faithful, unfailing, or steadfast.

That is where it might go, if you call.  But for now, you might be in that hopeless place, that is deathlike.  You don't feel life.  You are under it.  The encouragement is to cry a prayer there.  

In the place under it all, in the tomb of disasters; pray.  Breathe and say words to God.  Or say something to God in your mind or your heart.  Reach out in prayer.  Maybe you are unable to speak.  That is alright.  Maybe you have no words.  That is fine.  

The idea is to reach out to God in some way.  That could be a turning to or a gazing into the blackness, believing, to some small degree, that God is somewhere and hears.  Out of the depths, cry, call, or appeal; and words are optional.