Ministry to Discouraged Failures

Draw Near To God, By Gwen Meharg,
He will not break a bruised reed, and He will not put out a smoldering wick; He will faithfully bring justice.
-Isaiah 43:2

Jesus is gentle and kind.  He is not overbearing.  If you are bruised, his intent is not to break you.  If you are like a smoldering wick, a light just barely flickering, his intent is not to snuff you out.

We can get all mixed up in ascribing the suffering of our lives to God.  We get stuck on , "why did you let this happen to me?", when the Lord wants to enter into and come alongside us in our suffering.

The bruised reed is a picture of something that people pass by or discard.  Jesus, the Servant, does the opposite.  He takes the bruised reed and cares for it.  He mends it and nurtures it back to strength.

Smoldering wicks are usually snuffed out.  The candle may have melted or the lamp's fuel may be spent.  But Jesus, the Servant, does the opposite.  He is going to care for that wick and get its light burning again.

Jesus teaches us to be gentle like he is.  He does not crush or break people.  He and we encourage the discouraged.

He also redeems failures.  He does not discard people who fail, but redeems them.  I love what Dallas Willard wrote about Romans 8:28:
Irredeemable harm does not befall those who willingly live in the hand of God. (1)
Are you living in the hand of God?  Christians help each other walk with God.  He gave us life, now we walk in his ways, living in his life, being learners of his words, together.  That is discipleship.

Jesus heals discouraged failures.  Are you a discouraged failure?  Come to The Servant and be healed.  Walk with him and let him encourage you and fan your fire.

The artwork above is by Gwen Meharg, found here.
1. Dallas Willard, Renovation of The Heart