Let Him In

Jesus Stands At The Door And Knocks by Ain Vares, www.ainvaresart.com
Now pay attention; I am standing at the door and knocking. If any of you hear My voice and open the door, then I will come in to visit with you and to share a meal at your table, and you will be with Me.
-Revelation 3:20 (VOICE)

“Let the Son in.” Did you know that there are things Jesus wants to do, but he is waiting for us to invite him in to do them? Listen. Do you hear him?

He is calling you. He knows your name and is calling you. The fact that he knows your name and calls you is something so extraordinary that it touches your heart.

The text here does not say that he calls your name, but I believe he does know our names and he calls us by name. He is not disguised, but is personable; coming into our place and asking to be let in.

Will you let him in? Isn't it amazing that he is so gentle, that he knocks and waits for our answer. He calls and awaits our reply.

A great mistake or foolishness that we all make , is not to hear Jesus knocking, to not hear his voice calling.  Our world is a place of distractions, and we can become distracted and choose distraction over the Lord.  We have to train ourselves not to distract ourselves.

Salvation, the outcome of the gospel, is a relationship.  Faith is relational.  We are discipled by a person who is alive.  Every day is a continual letting him in.

The gospel, salvation, deliverance, and the healing of broken lives; is in and from a person: Christ.  It began relationally and continues on relationally.  Your life that is now hidden in him (Col. 3:3), is positional and relational.  

The Christian life is completely relational.  We relate to God and each other, in Christ, in an ongoing, living, in the now, relationship.  It is like this saying: "A wedding is not a marriage."  Weddings are important and wonderful, but they are the beginning of a marriage.

We must be students and learners or marriage, our spouse, and our selves; and work on and work out, together, a healthy, authentic, honest, whole, and fulfilling marriage.  And in christian marriage, it is a covenant, with God, who is the powerful partner.

Similarly the life in Christ is a life, that grows and forms, and must be nurtured or given attention.  Jesus does not make converts or members, but disciples, and discipleship is a life-long process that is relational.  

So, let him in; and keep letting him in.  Share your life with him, telling him everything.

The picture above is by Ain Vares, found here.