Happy Birthday

Photo from Pixabay
They were praising God and enjoying the good will of all the people. Every day the Lord was adding to their number those who were being saved.
-Acts 2:47 (ISV)

"Happy birthday", is going to be commonly said in church, in the time ahead.  The Lord is going to save people.  We are going to welcome them, with a somber and sincere, "Happy birthday".

There will be an emphasis on being welcoming and hospitable to newly saved people.  Becoming will grow out of belonging.  New believers will be welcomed and begin to belong, and out of belonging, they will become Christlike. 

The Lord is going to save people and add them to the church.  The people will welcome them, with a simple, "Happy birthday".  There will be no questions asked.  There will be no shaming.

What we call "prodigals", will be saved, and some of them will expect some sort of questioning about, "where they have been", or "what they have been doing".  But the people will just welcome them with a, "Happy birthday".

People that the Lord is saving will be a bit disoriented.  We will welcome them.  People will have their own expectations, based on their past experiences with the church.

The people will just give them unconditional love, that love that comes from the Lord.  No questions asked.  No need to explain.  Just a welcome to a new family.

Get ready to say, "Happy birthday".