Make Way For The King (re-post)

Mighty gates, lift up your heads!
Ancient doors, rise up high.
So that the glorious King can enter. 
-Psalm 24:9

Art credit: "Heaven's Door", by Tim Stewart

(This is a re-post from 2013)

Make way for the King

God is calling Christians everywhere to make way for the King.  God is calling Christians everywhere to open their hearts and let Christ reign in their hearts.  God is calling Christians everywhere to stop trying to live for Christ and instead, let Christ live through them.

Transformation and Intimacy With God

The normal Christian life is one of transformation.  But transformation takes cooperation in the believer.  The normal Christian life is one of intimacy (into-me-see) with God, where we walk with God and gaze upon God, without hiding our brokenness; and God transforms us.

Growth Through Body Life

The normal Christian life is a life of "one-another", where we confess our sins to each other and receive forgiveness from each other and give encouragement to one another.  We love one another and we bear each others burdens.  There are about forty admonishments to positively care for each or one another, in the letters to the churches, in the New Testament.  This growth in Christ occurs in two's, three's, and smaller numbers.

The Rule of Christ in Your Heart

King Jesus wants to enter and take over the heart of every believer, every person who identifies themselves as a Christian.  It is a paradox and a mystery that there are people who are not experiencing the kingly rule of Christ in their hearts, yet call themselves Christians.

A Life of Honest Brokenness

Sinners and sinning Christians are always welcome in Christian fellowship, and we all stumble frequently.  The Christian life is not a life of perfection or "fake it till you make it", but of honest brokenness before God and before brothers and sisters in Christ.  The King wants to come into the rooms in our lives that we are ashamed of, or the rooms that are locked because we have to be in control.

Give Jesus Full Access

Make way for the King and open up those closed gates and doors means, "give Jesus full access".  It means everything is his in your life if you claim him as your savior.  You must open, you must be willing.

Have Dinner With Jesus

When you open the door to Jesus, he wants to come into your house, your life, and have dinner with you and for you to have dinner with him (Rev. 3:20).  What if having dinner with the King is the key to your life, to getting aligned with God, to having your life in a place where it works, and where you are fulfilled?

I Let Him In and He Saw Me and I am Forever Changed

The Christian life is personal.  We have a God that wants intimacy with us.  When the King comes through the door or gate you open, you will see his face and and he will see yours.  The face is the most personal part of a person. 

You will say, "I saw The Lord........... and He saw me!"  This will change your life.