Your Ways Are Seen By God

For a man’s ways are before the Lord’s eyes, and He considers all his paths.
-Proverbs 5:21

Photo: Pixabay
Whatever you are going through, wherever you are, God is watching.  God is considering you and how you are walking.  Our paths are the ways that we choose to go, and become our habits.

People who end up somewhere have taken a thousand steps to get there.  We choose paths that go places, good places or bad places, destiny paths or detour paths.  If we make a habit of entertaining sinful thoughts, doing a sinful action is easier.

And that is the context of Proverbs 5.  It is a warning against adultery.  Adultery starts in the mind and the heart.

Adultery is forbidden and completely destructive.   

The writer of proverbs mentions that all your ways, how you look, where you go, what you say, your interactions with people, and what you do in secret are in full view of God.  God is our omniscient father:
Be careful little eyes what you see
O be careful little eyes what you see
There's a Father up above
And He's looking down in love
So, be careful little eyes what you see
The foundation of the believers life is becoming a child of God.  Men and boys, women and girls who say they are Christian, but do not have a vital, ongoing, intimate relationship with Father; will have eyes and hearts that wander and look for love, or feeling good in the wrong places.

To the man or woman, committing adultery in their minds or hearts or bodies, Father would say something like, "What are you doing?"  It is just like when Adam and Eve sinned and God said, "What are you doing?"  It is an invitation to conversation.

To the man or woman, who is a believer, even if they don't act like it; God shows up and reveals to them that he is watching them.  The fact that he is watching is because he is real and he cares, he is a considerate father.  Will you stop and turn towards him?

Sin starts with a thought and becomes a habit.  We entertain certain thoughts, mulling and pondering them.  Thoughts become ways.

If we let God into our hearts, then we let him be with us in our thoughts.  Throne God in your heart and mind, so that there he is when the thought comes.  How does that thought stand up in God's presence?

Our ways are determined by our thoughts and ideas.  Our thoughts and ideas about our selves and others are determined or influenced by our thoughts about God.  If I believe the truth, that God cares, God is good, God is faithful, merciful, powerful, and completely wise; then how do those thoughts stack up against this or that one?

Wisdom is learned.  A disciple is a learner.  Discipleship is learning how to live in, through, and with Christ, as God's kid.

Many people have not had good fathers or mothers and when we come to Christ and get adopted by God as his child, we have to learn how to be fathered by a good father, who also invented mothers and can give us everything a good mom should give.  This is square one, level one.  If we don't get this then we end up building on the wrong foundation, becoming religiously legalistic or licentious; living out the belief that, "God does not really care personally, so I'll do religion to try to get favor or run wild".

Nope, that is not the reality of things.  Father cares, he is watching, and temptation is all around us.  We have to learn to walk with God in self discipline, learning wise ways; thoroughly enjoying relationship with our spouse, if you are married, or receiving the grace to be single, while obediently following God's path.