A Different Kind of Prayer

But when you pray, go into your private room, shut your door, and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
-Mathew 6:6
Photo: Pixabay
We know about prayer requests, prayer lists, and prayer chains.  We know that prayer changes things.   It is true that God has the power, but because God is a covenant God, God waits for our prayers sometimes or oftentimes.

But what about secret prayer, like when Jesus said to go to your secret place and pray to God in secret?  He is our father, who wants the best for us.  What about that kind of prayer.

I believe in all kinds of prayers, but I have been learning about the secret prayers to God, alone.  Looking back over the past year, I had a big prayer request.  A crisis for me. Think, "S.O.S".

I believed that God did not want me to "talk about it" to others, but to continually bring it to Him.  There is a difference.  Sometimes, we try to get relief by talking to our friends or anyone who will listen, about our troubles.  We do need to be listened to, encouraged, and counseled.  That is edifying and we are designed to need that.

But, I believed that I was not to talk about certain things, but to just take them to my Father.  I was allowed, I felt & believed, to take the request to one person, who lives far away; who is my solemn prayer partner.  I say, "solemn', meaning that I can tell him very soberly what it is, without venting and just seeking temporary relief.

I know that many books have been written on prayer and many good sermons have been spoken I am sure.  But I am completely taken by Jesus' words, "When you pray"...  And then he says to pray to your Father, in secret.

Did you also know, that prayer time can be silent?  Come to the quiet.  Some people listen to Christian radio, music or sermons, to get the right atmosphere in their cars.  Something that I recommend,  is to turn off the sound, and invite God to be with you in the car, as you drive, and let Him touch your heart, in the silence.

You can tell him your prayer request, then be quiet and just drive and practice The Presence of God.  Bask in His love while you drive.  Let Him love you.

Find a secret, quiet space in your home or on your property.  Go to an empty park or deserted beach.  Find a place to park your car and sit with God.

Just like Jesus, we too must get away and spend time with Father.  We need people.  We need fellowship.  We need community.  But when you go there, you come from God's presence.

Most all of us have busy lives and responsibilities.  We are supposed to walk with God in our lives, 24/7.  But the secret place is an amplified, rejuvenating place for you, with Father.  We need it.

Having been with God, you bring the fruit of that time with you, when you enter into all your relationships and community.  That's how it works.  When we find each other, we edify and bless each other, with the gifts of God, He has deposited in us, in the secret place.

This is the New Covenant.  The old way, was to look for God in the Temple or through the Tabernacle, or get something from God, through a designated person, called a priest.  In the New Covenant, we all have direct access and we are all ordained as priests.

Jesus is the mediator.  He has mediated and now we have a direct accessible relationship with Father.  This is our inheritance, in Christ.