A Prayer For A Lifetime

The Lord is my rock:
  • My firm foundation, 
  • My solid rock, 
  • My mighty rock, 
  • My protector.
  • You're as real to me as bedrock beneath my feet, 
  • God is bedrock under my feet.

My fortress:

  • My fort, 
  • My strong fortress, 
  • The rock where I am safe,  
  • My forever firm fortress, 
  • Like a castle on a cliff, The castle in which I live.

And my deliverer:

  • My liberator, 
  • My rescuer, 
  • My protector, 
  • My rescuing knight.

My God.

My mountain:

  • My trustworthy defense, 
  • My rock, 
  • My shield, 
  • My protection, 
  • My pathway of escape, 
  • My tower of rescue, 
  • The high crag.

Where I seek refuge:

  • Where I am safe, 
  • Where no one can reach me, 
  • Where I run to for dear life, 
  • Hiding behind the boulders.

My shield:

  • My protector, 
  • My shield, 
  • My secret strength and shield around me.

The horn of my salvation:

  • My strong deliverer, 
  • My salvation's strength, 
  • My powerful weapon, 
  • He defends me, 
  • You are Salvation's Ray of Brightness shining on the hillside, 
  • Safe.

My stronghold:

  • My place of retreat, 
  • My place of safety, 
  • My place of shelter, 
  • Keeps me safe, 
  • Always the Champion of my cause, 
  • The granite hideout.

-Psalm 18:2

Photo above: Pixabay

Translations used:

  • HCSB
  • The Psalms For Today (R. K. Harrison)
  • CEB
  • CEV
  • GNT
  • TPT
  • MSG