Declarations and Admonitions

Never give up on God, others, or yourself.

Know that God always can make a way no matter what.

There is always room for faith, hope, and love.

Rest daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly; because lack of rest creates disease in body, mind, and spirit.

Feeling hopeless, depressed, angry, or confused might mean you need rest.

Doing something, anything, is better than doing nothing.

When you move, you can be steered; so get a move on and look for guidance.

Picture: Pixabay
Ask questions when you don't know the answer.

Say you hurt when you hurt, so you can find comfort or get insight on how you are hurting yourself.

Always be willing to forgive, when you have been wronged.

Always offer love, which is primarily presence and attention.

See how you can do more with less.

Cultivate a generous life-style, where you let others go first and give away free smiles.

Sharing is a central hub of the Christian life, so share food, stories, and time together.

Practice talking less and listening more.

Learn the value of silence.

Live in the triangle of unity, holiness, and generosity; with love at the center.

Do thankfulness first, before you recite the negative.

Make space in your life, in your heart and how you live, where you look for God's move.

Cultivate a life of love, being loved, loving others, and loving your self; so that the signature of your life and thread that ties everything together is the love of God.