Father's Gifts Are Best

Don't be deceived, my dearly loved brothers.  Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning.
-James 1:16-17

Photo: pixabay
Do you have things in mind, that you want?  Things you are striving for, or things you are jealous that others already have?  Or, are you living your life, under the care of Father, and receiving the gifts that He is giving you?

Father is active in the life of each of his children.  He is continually generous towards us, giving us gifts.  His gifts are perfect gifts in that each one of them are designed to bring us towards wholeness.

Father's gifts are, 'the whole package', designed for our maturity.  The perfection of them is that they fit us perfectly.  His gifts to us are fatherly gifts, thoughtfully designed for each child.

The Christian life is not so much a life of looking at all the possibilities, and saying, "I want that, that, and that", to God.  The Christian life is a life of being God's child, knowing God as our father, and saying, "Choose for me.  You know what is best."

God is always giving us gifts.  We have to recognize them.  If we are not living as sons and daughters, then we are not positioned to receive.

So, we need to cultivate our relationship with Father and live under his care.  And that first means love and trust.  He is always faithful, and we live under his faithfulness.

And God's love is unconditional.  Once you are in Christ, you are completely accepted in the beloved.  God loves those who are his and he gives them gifts.

I am loved and I have gifts from God.  The task of life is to live in God's love and receive his gifts.  Loving others, which goes hand in hand with holiness, and sharing the gospel, is the result.

I have giftedness from God which makes my life a gift from God.  People that come into my life are gifts from God.  We want to recognize our gifts from God and the people that are his gifts to us.

God's goodness, manifested in his good gifts he is always giving, is sure and steady; always shining.  Unlike the sun, that rises and sets each day, God is always shining his light.  There are no shadows in heaven and there is no shadow in Father's love toward each of his children.

God's love and his good giving towards his children is always on, always shining, always flowing.  We can turn from it and obscure it, but God does not ever stop being a giver of gifts to his children.  This is the life that is the inheritance of each believer.

We have the privilege of being children of Father who get gifts from Him.  We are encouraged to know God and let him give us good gifts.  Our quest is to live in Father's love and enjoy the gifts he gives us.