God Sees Evil Plans

They encourage each other in an evil plan; they talk about hiding traps and say, “Who will see them?”
-Psalm 64:5

Picture: Pixabay
God sees what evil ones are planning.  He sees what they are doing that they think is secret.  God hears their secret discussions about their evil plans.

It is delusional to believe that God does not see and hear what you are planning or scheming.  God is omniscient.  If you think that your evil plans are hidden from God, you are deceived.

Works of evil or evil works are often hidden, but God sees what is planned.  We can ask God to expose the hidden plan of the enemy and put it to naught.  And we can pray, "Lord, show me what the enemy does not want me to see".

Every Christian needs to have the awareness of the spiritual battle between God and the enemy.  People do evil, partnering with the powers of darkness.  And they plan, discuss, and often do their evil in secret, in hiding.

Be encouraged that God sees the evil plans.  Be encouraged that as a believer, that you have authority in Christ.  Use your authority, take authority, and walk in authority.

Pray for God to expose, overturn, and cut off the plans of the enemy.  Pray for their power to be broken.  Pray in Jesus name.  

Come against them in your prayers.  Put your armor on and be a warrior like you are destined to be.  Pray for the refuge of abiding in Father.

The prayer again that summarizes the message of Psalm 64:

Dear God:
Protect me from the enemy.
Hide and keep me safe from their evil plans.
Shoot them with arrows.
Suddenly wound them.
Make them stumble.
May their own tongues work against them.
Make a spectacle of them for all to see.
So that everyone will fear you.
And talk about what you have done.
And understood that you did it.
We rejoice in you, put our trust in you, and we will continually praise you.