Let It Rain

You showered down abundant rain, God;
When your inheritance grew weary,
You restored it yourself.
-Psalm 68:9 (CEB)

Photo: Pixabay
Are you dry?  Are you weary?  God will refresh you.

God gives us rest.  God restores us.  God fills us when we are in need.

Are we in need?  We cannot be filled if we don’t recognize our need.  God gives rest and restoration to those who seek him.

Do you seek Him?  Are you thirsty?  Are you weary?

Come to the Lord.  Return to him.  Let him fill you again.

We are thirsty.  We are dry.  We are weary.

We need refreshment.  We need restoration.  Let it rain.

God, let it rain.  God, let it rain on me.  God, let it rain on your inheritance.

Restore your inheritance.  Let your rain restore us, for your glory.  Amen.