Freedom: Asking For Rescue and Deliverance or Vindication

In Your justice, rescue and deliver me; listen closely to me and save me.
-Psalm 71:2

How many of us right now need to be rescued or delivered?  I think there are two categories of people: those who who are desperate and those who think they are ok.  The truth is or the reality is that we are all in desperate need of rescue and deliverance.

What if I told you that you need, I need, we all need deliverance and rescue?  If you keep saying that deliverance is for someone else and you are ok, then I doubt that you have a vital spirituality.  To be alive towards God is to come into the realization of our deep need for rescue and deliverance.

The rescue and deliverance that we need is asked for on the basis of God's justice or righteousness.  The NET Bible translates the beginning of this verse this way: "Vindicate me by rescuing me!".  I asked, "where are the words, "In Your justice", or, "In Your righteousness"?  "Vindicate me", is the answer.

Justice is asking for vindication.  We don't want to try to vindicate ourselves, but cry out to God for vindication.  The psalmist had been abused in some way and was calling out to God for help.

Did you know that righteousness and justice go together?  Most other translations have "righteousness" in Psalm 71:2, but the HCSB and The Voice have "justice".

Righteousness has to do with doing the right thing.  When I ask God to do something, "In Your righteousness", then I am saying, "Please make it right":  "Wrong has been done to me and I am asking you to make it right: give me justice", or "vindicate me!"

We are asking God to make things whole that are messed up.  "That ain't right."  "God, please make it right, make it just, please vindicate me."

There are two ways of living.  The first way is the way of absolute surrender, where we continually surrender our lives, unconditionally, to the Lord, and humbly ask for help.  The second way, is the, "I'll do it my way" life, where we live as actors on life's stage and direct our lives, writing our scripts and signing our tickets to ____, and do not ask for help, because we're 'fine'.

Psalm 71 has 24 verses, and in them we learn all about this good man who is an older man, maybe a man in his early 60's, who is calling out for God to make things right in his life.  He is not a new believer nor a young person and he has some serious history behind him in God.  Yet, he asks for help.

We too have a life-long relationship with Father where we ask him to help us, to rescue us, to deliver us, and vindicate us.