Happy But In Need of Reconciliation in Our Family

But the righteous are glad; they rejoice before God and celebrate with joy.
-Psalm 68:3

I am glad, are you glad?  I am rejoicing and celebrating.  And it is before God.

I have hope and I believe things are getting better.  I believe in the redemption of all of mankind through Jesus Christ.  I believe God wants to save everybody, that the invitations have been going out and it is up to us to get the word out and up to the people to respond through their choices.

The big naughty, that I saw, heard, and read, from Christians to Christians, over this past year, was when we questioned the character of other Christians for their views.  This ought not be so, and highlighted the fact that the church in America is very divided and carnal in that we sometimes get too "over the top" about politics, and are unloving towards one another.

What happened to, "They will know we are Christians by our love"?

In a few weeks, we will celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  And at many tables, we will be sitting with our people whom we disagree with.  The banner over us should be love.

Love listens, love honors, and love always puts God and others first.  Love forgives and love reconciles.  Many of us need to live in and practice the ministry of reconciliation.  I am pretty sure that this involves the cross of Christ being at the center and God reconciling us to each other in Christ.

Reconciled people can say, "I love you, even though I do not understand you or agree with you", and then, "Please pass the bread".  We need the Lord's Supper, Jesus' Communion, as a meal where reconciliation and the celebration of Christ occurs, now, more than ever.  Do you think that when Jesus ate at all those suppers with 'sinners' that he was taking a day off or ceasing from being himself?

We, Christians, need to practice the presence of Christ, and find Jesus in the communion meal, together, for healing, reconciliation, and becoming like him.  I need to see Jesus in you, as I look across the table, and I need Jesus' ears as I hear you and begin to understand you.  We need to make Christ the center and be mediated and reconciled in him again.

Today, I am not rejoicing that God is on our side, or my side; but that God entered in to our election process and has had mercy on us.  Not saying God is a Republican.

We are glad.  We are happy.  We rejoice.  We are celebrating.

Who are we glad towards?  God.  Who makes us happy?  God.  Who causes this celebration?  God.

Who is our Savior?  Jesus.  Who is our King?  Christ.  Who is the Father of lights?  My God, Yahweh, The Lord.

Who do we worship and serve?  God.  Who has got the whole world in his hands?  God.