Twelve Reasons Why I Am Voting For Trump, part 1

For the time has come for judgment to begin with God’s household, and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who disobey the gospel of God?
-1 Peter 4:17

If you are a Christian conscientious objector and do not vote, I respect that.  My conscience is directing me to vote, and vote for Trump.  I have twelve reasons why.   Here are reasons 1-3:

1.  Babies  

Abortion is wrong and is legalized murder.  That's my view.  Trump wants to help our country, the people of our country, decide if they don't want abortion.  As you might know, a president can not really make or stop laws.  That is for the people to do, through the legislative process.

In the 1960's, each state was looking at abortion, debating it, and deciding if and when it could be legal.  It has always been the case that mothers or the child that they carry, die some times, during the pregnancy.  But, killing your child, as a form of birth control is wrong.

And life does begin at conception.  Mrs Clinton wants no changes, no reformation of abortion laws, including allowing elective abortions up to the time of birth.  The person who claims the banner of 'women' and 'women's rights' actually hates women, when she radically supports all abortion, everywhere and at every time.

2.  Children and their education

As adults of voting age, I believe we have to judge which candidate is better for children.  All the points below are points that will affect our children's future.  A society who forgets their children is a society that is going under.  Mrs Clinton's slogan and ad 'Our Children Are Watching' is a half-truth lie in that, sure they are watching; but this candidate does not have their interests in her heart.  See point 1.  

We home-school and I wish everybody did, but the majority of kids go to public schools.  Over these past 8 years of Obama, there has been something that they are implementing called 'common core', that the federal government is forcing on schools across the nation.  Educators across the political and faith spectrum have been raising the alarm about and rejecting common core.  Even how common core has been created and implemented has been at the least, dubious, and at worst, illegal.

There is pretty much nothing good about common core, from it's (crazy) math, to it's re-writing of history.  We don't want sociologists writing and forcing curriculum on children, that comes from an 'indoctrinational' mindset that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  Look it up and do your own research, if this is the first time you have heard this.  Trump wants to get rid of common core and let states and cities decide on educational standards.

3.  Future Vision

One candidate, Trump, has a clear vision for the future of America and thereby, the future of the world.  Bernie Sanders also had a message for the future that was a bit different, but was also appealing to many Americans.  I have listened to Mrs Clinton this past year and I have not heard a vision.  Do you remember Obama's vision from 8 years ago, that he gave?  'Hope and Change'.

Where is the hope and change that he promised?  I think American has less hope and things have only changed in a bad way.  A segment of the population does have cheaper health insurance.  Many people agreed that the system was dysfunctional, but we disagreed with how Obama wanted to fix it; and the argument could be made that he made it worse.

Four years ago, do you remember what the competing visions were?  Romney highlighted what was wrong and messed up and how he wanted to fix it.  Obama said Romney is bad.  That was Obama's vision for the 2012 cycle.  Obama's foreign and domestic policies in his first term were disasters.  His worst disasters were in Libya, Syria, and Iran; and guess who was his partner in all those bad decisions?  On the domestic front, one word describes Obama's failure: jobs

Trump's vision for the future in two words: security and jobs.  Hillary's vision: Trump is bad.  Yes, he has said she is bad too, but he has a way forward, a vision for the future.  What is her's, besides, "I'm not him"?