Living Today In My Future House With God Forever

I will live in Your tent forever and take refuge under the shelter of Your wings.  Selah
-Psalm 61:4

Living forever with God, beginning now.  Being sheltered under Gods care.  This is what I need.  And this is my ambition.

This is what I desire.  This is the one thing.  This is my request.  I want to abide in God.  

I want to dwell where God lives.  I want to go there and live there.  That is where my home is.

God's dwelling place is my refuge.  God's house is my safe-house.  His place is my bomb-shelter.

God's house is sanctuary for me.  That is where I always want to Go.  

God's house is my north-star.  His presence and place is where I am always wanting to go.

Wherever I am on earth, I point myself toward where God is.

My trust is in God.  God's care of me.  God watching over me.

I am protected from everything by God.  I trust in the secret place of God's wings.

God hides me and I am hidden in God.  I am under God's protective care.

In my misfortune, in my time of banishment, I ask God to let me live in the house of God.

People have rejected me.  People have not noticed me.  But God sees me.

I ask God to let me live in the house of God, now and forever.

In this forlorn place, this dry place, this desert place; I set my will to live with God now and forever.

I am making my loss into gain by declaring that living with God is my goal in life.

My desire is to find God's house, in my life time.  I want to go to God's living place and visit.  This is the journey that I am on.

My purpose in life is to find God and be protected by Him.  

I desire to worship God, with other people and by myself.  I desire to worship God inside a structure I can see and also in God's invisible structure.  

I desire to be a worshiper wherever I am.  

I will be restored to worship and prayer with people, in visible structures.  But today, in this distant, obscure and hidden place; I worship God.  I wholeheartedly commit my life to God, seeing my future in God's house forever.