God Arises

God arises. His enemies scatter, and those who hate him flee from his presence.
-Psalm 68:1

God is a warrior God, who does battle against his enemies and it is happening today.  Psalm 68 speaks this message and tells the story of how God is a warrior God.  When we read this psalm, we are invited to join in on this reality.

The Bible is not just a history book and a book on how to live.  The Bible is full of invitations in to the reality of what God is doing today.  Our lives are not disconnected from the history and the story of God.  

Quite the opposite is true.  We are invited into the story.  God's story is going on and we can take notice of what God is doing.  The alternative is to shut our eyes, ears, minds or hearts and say with the fools, "There is no God".

A message for today is, "God arises".  Do you see it?  Did you know that?  Are you aware that God is moving?

Did you know that God is not just waiting in heaven?  God is at work and has been at work.  God is at war.

God is coming into places where his enemies and been hanging out and doing their diabolical things.  When God comes, they scatter.

There is a phrase or statement that some of us have said at the outset of ministry time: "Let it come."  We might later say, "There it is", or, "That's it".  And we are talking about the power or presence of God.

Some people have pushed back and said, "God is already here".  That is true.  But God comes with increased presence and in different ways.

After all, Jesus taught us to pray, "Your kingdom come".  He said to ask Father to make the kingdom of God break in more or increase.

But Psalm 68 is about taking notice of what God is doing by His own initiative.  It also catalogues or remembers the story of what God did and says, "Yes, do it again".

Here are some of the other ways that the beginning of Psalm 68 is translated:
  • Let God arise.  KJV
  • Let God rise up.  CEB, NRSV
  • Do something, God!  CEV
  • God, get up.  ESV
  • Up with God!  MSG
  • God springs into action!  NET
  • May God arise.  NIV
  • Rise up, O God.  NLT
  • May the True God rise up.  VOICE
  • God!  Arise with awesome power.  TPT