The Warrior God

God, when you went out before your people, when you marched through the desert,
-Psalm 68:7

God is the Warrior God.  That is what Psalm 68 is all about.  God is at war for his people.  This is something we need to understand.

God is on his way somewhere.  God is leading his people somewhere.

God is leading us out of bondage and into freedom.

God is leading us from death to life.

God is leading us from alienation to becoming a nation.

God is a person who is with his people, standing before them and leading them.

God's people are not ever left alone, but are led by God himself.

This has always been God's way, from the beginning through today.

God is leading each one us us and all of us together somewhere.

This is something to reckon with and understand in your life.

And there is only one who is the True God.  Only one and that one is plural, three in one.

God is at war with all the other false so-called gods.

Only the one True God gives life and saves people.

The face of God is Jesus.

Every 'god' will bow to the One True God, who is Christ Jesus.

Jesus is God and God is at war with every false 'god', who is working to deceive people.

There is only one True God, the plural God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God is The Warrior King who is at war and taking his people to his dwelling place.

This is what God has been doing and is doing today.

The war is on and has been on.  We just need to recognize it and follow behind God who is leading us and making war on our behalf.