Sky Links, 9-8-18

Keeping Your Sanity During A Political Season Gone Rogue
In recent years we’ve experienced some of the most raucous and polarizing politics I’ve seen since the late 60’s. My guess would be that things are going to get worse before they get better. The current trajectory toward extremism and polarization (both left and right), is not something easily or quickly changed. And since Jesus isn’t a card-carrying member of either (or any) political party, I’m convinced that any “divine response” to the current political-national-cultural situation will be outside any of our pre-constructed boxes. I’m convinced that God is far less impressed with our politics than we are. Just ask Daniel.

I recently spent some time reading and reflecting on the Old Testament book of Daniel, and I found his perspective on events far more encouraging than anything I’ve seen in the news or on the internet. It was time well sent. The book of Daniel gives liberal scholars heartburn. If written by Daniel more than 500 years before Christ (which I believe it was), then its historical accuracy confirms both the inspiration and the prophetic predictive power of Scripture. It’s not my goal here to recount all of those incredibly accurate predictions leading up to the time of Christ. I simply want to reflect on a few lessons Daniel taught me about politics and kingdoms.

1. God Rules (So, Trust His Plan), even when it appears that the rest of the world around us has “gone rogue.”

2. The Kingdom Has Begun (Sow In To It!).

3. Kingdoms Rise And Fall (So, Be Careful Who And What You Hitch Your Wagon To).

4. How Are We Doing In God’s Balance Scales? (Which Way Are You Tipping?)

5. As A Disciple Of the Kingdom, Who Are You Serving (And What Are You Doing)?

6. Remember, God’s Kingdom Ocean Is Much Larger Than Your Little Boat.

What Daniel Taught Me About Politics and Kingdoms -Maurice Smith

Smaller churches are the future
  1. Decreasing frequency of attendance among church members.
  2. The growth of the “nones.”
  3. The growth of the multi-site and multi-venue church.
  4. The Millennials’ aversion to larger worship centers.
  5. Governmental agencies are increasingly unfriendly to church building plans.
  6. The shift in emphasis from the big worship event to an emphasis on groups.
  7. The desire to spend more on ministry and less on facilities.

Some highlights from today’s Rainer Report:
  • There has been a huge shift in attendance patterns of church goers over the past few decades.
  • Millennials prefer smaller venues for corporate worship.
  • Groups have become the new emphasis for churches instead of worship attendance alone.
  • More and more churches are becoming debt averse leading them to not build large worship centers.

Pray for President Trump's protection
But what I felt just now is that, there are demonic spirits that are trying to deceive our President with flattery in the White House and that some are only there to destroy Him. Of course, we know this if we are watching the news, but I saw the same spirit in that White House just now that drove John Wilkes Booth. I felt the grieving and God spoke and said to pray against this murdering lying spirit that is very deceptive because President Trump is vulnerable to this spirit because it flatters.

Seek God right now
September is going to be an awesome time during the Days of Awe. This is a month in which God speaks more clearly to us about the coming year and about our destiny. Each year, during the time of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), God examines our lives for the purpose of promotion. This year it is going to be a special time of promotion!
Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown on September 9 and ends at sundown on September 11. Yom Kippur starts on September 18 at sundown and ends on September 19, also at sundown. This is a 10-day period in which the heavens are much more open for dreams, visions, revelation and heavenly encounters.
Your Season of Promotion and Repayment is Here -Doug Addison (blog)
Special 7-year Promotion and Repayment | Spirit Connection Webcast -Doug Addison (video)

"Judases" in the priesthood and espiscopate

August 26, 2018 homily (transcript) -John Lankeit

Think mirror
They keep telling us we are about to be destroyed. At least that’s the persistent mainstream narrative. That our demise is imminent. But is it? Is it OUR demise?
Think. Mirror.
Think, everything we’ve been told for a very long time is, in reality, the opposite. From last year’s declassified JFK & MLK files to the truth about the Comey and company exploits we’re just now finding out about, we’re learning that the FBI is not a law enforcement agency, it’s a lawless nationwide crime syndicate. Charity organizations aren’t helping the poor, turns out they’re multinational illegal slush funds, created and used by politicians and celebrities we once looked up to, protected and often aided by our very own CIA. And, as if all that weren’t bad enough, the utmost trust we are expected to place in things such as our secret FISA courts, and our clergy has been tragically abused and completely forsaken.
And yet somehow, it’s us whose demise is afoot. Funny, right? I didn’t hurt anyone, but the hundreds of priests in Pennsylvania certainly did. I didn’t attempt a coup or commit treason, but James Comey and John Brennan may well have.
But somehow they keep frantically warning us about the certain coming collapse of everything in our world.
Welcome To The Elite Apocalypse -Tiffany Fitzhenry

The Jack Dorsey Twitter hearing

Rep. Billy Long