4 Misconceptions About Trump


  • a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.

Here are 4 misconceptions some people have about Trump:

  1. Not qualified, billionaire, reality tv star.  mis·con·cep·tion 
    • He is qualified.  It depends on how you judge qualifications.  He is a developer.  I am not sure some people even know this.  He knows business and he knows how to build and run things.  He knows how to lead and how to delegate authority.  He has a very long track record of doing these things well.  He is immensely qualified.
  2. He won because there was a low turnout at the polls and mostly white working class people elected him.  mis·con·cep·tion
    • The turnout was very similar to the last number of cycles and unfortunately, only about half of the electorate chooses to vote.  People of every race voted for him, male and female.  He actually did a lot better with non-Caucasians than Romney did.  In a nutshell, he got more votes than Romney did and Hillary got less votes than Obama, and he won.
  3. Saying Trump is a bigot, racist, or xenophobe.  mis·con·cep·tion
    • Simply not true.  This is a hard one, because people have made up their minds on this and made some wild assumptions.  Illegal immigration is out of control, and whether you believe that or not, all Trump has said and wants to do is to curb and stop illegal immigration.  And in regards to deporting people, all he has said is that we should start enforcing the laws once more.  These positions or ideas do not make one a bigot or racist.  Imagine a freeway where they have treated it as an autobahn, but it is not built like the autobahn, and people keep getting killed.  A guy comes along and says we should go back to enforcing the speed limit, to save lives.  Isn't calling that guy crazy and saying he hates fast drivers kind of strange?  Trump is actually very much not a racist at all and the proof has been available.
  4.   Millennials supported Hillary overwhelmingly.  mis·con·cep·tion
    • Actually about half of Millennials that voted, gave their vote to Hillary.  And About half of them voted against her.  The against vote was split between Trump and the other candidates.  Yes, if the electoral college depended only on Millennials, Hillary could have won; but this is nothing new and does only continue to show that Millennials have been overwhelmingly Democrat, at least during the past 30-40 years.  What if I told you that Obama performed better than Romney or McCain with Millennials than with Hillary?  The real story is that less of them pulled the lever for Hillary than for Obama, because they did not want her.  Many Millennials liked Bernie Sanders.