Sky Links, 11-4-18

Liberal/Progressive Racism

How white liberals really view black voters

Lady thinks she understands what black people deal with better than actual black people

Brilliant teenagers

What's at stake in this election.

The Bannon/Frum Debate: The Rise of Populism

Steve Paikin:
Well here's a shocker: at the beginning of the debate, only 28% agreed with Steve Bannon that populism was the future. 72% agreed with @davidfrum. After: 57% agreed with Bannon. Given crowd reaction thru the night, that seems an impossible result. But there ya go.
(The debate was in Toronto!)

El Paso: A parable about politicians and illegal immigration


Make books great again: increase your home library
The average number at home was 115 books, though in Norway the average size was 212 books and in Turkey it was 27. Needless to say, no matter the size of the library, having books in the home was a good thing. The researches also found that literacy rates climbed as the number of books climbed, but at some point--350 books to be exact--these rates plateau’d.
In comparison, a person who had not grown up around books but had earned a university degree wound up being just as literate as someone with a large home library and only nine years of schooling.
According to Sikora, “Early exposure to books in [the] parental home matters because books are an integral part of routines and practices that enhance lifelong cognitive competencies.”
What does that bode for a more digital future? The study seems to suggest that while books are not going away any time soon, it is indeed this book-based literacy that leads many of us to online sites like Open Culture, where we spend our time reading articles like this one. (Instead of, you know, watching cat videos or playing Fortnite.)
So the next time you fret that your stack of unread books is a bad thing, don’t worry. It's doing wonders for your mental health, whether you know it or not.

Growing Up Surrounded by Books Has a Lasting Positive Effect on the Brain -Ted Mills

8 Signs that you might be smarter than everyone else

  1. You enjoy being alone
  2. You feel intense pressure, about your life: self-critical
  3. You daydream (more than others): mind wanders
  4. You are open minded, researching possibilities before deciding
  5. Your self-control (impulse control) is exceptional
  6. You are indecisive because you over-analyze: perfectionist(ism)
  7. You are dissatisfied/unhappy, feeling like you don't fit in, living in the opposite of "ignorance is bliss", and you feel guilty for "dumbing down" yourself.
  8. You see patterns and draw parallels + connections that many other people don't see: creative thinking.