Declarations and Admonitions

  • Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
  • If you are sad for people who don't get it, don't see it; intercede for them, be a bridge.
  • Be like Andrew and introduce your Peter to Jesus (John 1:40-41).
  • Dark nights give us appreciation of sunny days.
  • Being humble(d) is a good thing.
  • Following God is better than trying to get God to follow you.
  • Alone with God is better than the absence of God among friends.
  • Pioneers are misunderstood and taken offence at.
  • Faith requires believing without seeing.
  • When you live by faith, you look like a fool, to those who don't have faith.
  • When you live by faith, you inspire others who want to live by faith.
  • It is a paradox that you can not see God unless you have faith, because faith believes unseen.
  • A prophetic word is an invitation: to pray, to plan, to direct, to prepare, to become.