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***Updated again 1-24-19***
Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should evaluate.  But if something has been revealed to another person sitting there, the first prophet should be silent.  For you can all prophesy one by one, so that everyone may learn and everyone may be encouraged.  And the prophets’ spirits are subject to the prophets,  since God is not a God of disorder but of peace.
-1 Corinthians 14:29-33a

These are a sample of the posted prophetic words, that I could find, for 2019.  In no particular order. 

The link is the name and title.  I have included an excerpt from many.  Click the link or watch the video to catch whole word.

I saw the word “PARTNERSHIP” was being raised like a banner over the nations. God is looking for those who are willing to partner with Him….those who are prepared to YIELD every part of their life to Him.
The Lord said “GET READY to see Me invade your life, your workplace and families, your church, ministries, cities and governments in a partnership like no other! FOR I AM REFORMING MY BRIDE and bringing her into her glorious place, PARTNERED AS ONE WITH ME. Get ready for a shifting to take place, get ready for a shaking. What looks like chaos and change, what looks like something is being removed or taken away is a part of My plan.
”I heard the word “SIMPLIFY”! You have a purpose! He has a plan! It’s really that simple!

Eli Laskey: Prophetic Word! The Dawn Of Two Seasons!

I hear the Lord saying, "What you're waiting on is not being delayed, nor is it tarrying. The Lord says it is being prepared. You see, there is a reordering and a restructuring happening in this very hour..." 

Jamie Rohrbaugh: Prophetic Word and Strategies for 2019, Part 1 & Part 2

It will be like final exam week at the university.
Nobody with sense goofs off during final exam week. Instead, they study, rest, and study some more. Every moment is taken up with studying for the next exam, until the last one is over. But when the last exam is over, they celebrate BIG:
  • They celebrate because they made it through.
  • They celebrate because they achieved a milestone.
  • They celebrate because they don’t ever have to go back there.
And Papa God is telling me that, if we will treat 2019 like final exam week, you will not ever have to go back around this same, dumb mountain....
...His word for the year is “Contend.”
The Lord is calling people back to their old place of contending–but contending is no longer going to be laborious; it’s going to be glorious instead.
That is not to say that contending will be easy. I know it’s wonderful to hear prophetic words about next seasons being easy, and I love to read those words as much as the next person. But, that’s not what the Lord is showing me for 2019.
The Lord is showing me that 2019 is going to be a challenging year. Final exam weeks are always challenging! However, I believe it will also be the most victory-filled year we as a Body of Christ have ever experienced.

Rachel House: Word of the Lord 2019
This is the year that the Lord is going to restore his people, both young and old....

The 2019 year can possibly be one of the most heavenly minded years that many people have ever seen.
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:14).
The word "high" in the verse above is the same as "upward or above." What Paul is referring to in this passage is: The highest calling in our life is the call that is above everything else on earth; it is the pursuit of kingdom life, which transcends the lowest level (death). Paul is making a connection that walking with Jesus on earth will bring us both the "overcoming life" and the "eternal life," which therefore becomes the highest calling we can ever pursue. Paul sees both the race (living the kingdom on earth) and the prize (being with Jesus for eternity) as the highest level of living that is possible. At the end, we win both the race and the prize.
2019 is the year of the higher calling: Living in the heavenlies while we are fruitful on earth. There are six major themes for 2019 that God gave me, and in a specific order...

As you stand now at the beginning of a new year the Lord says to you, My child I have brought you to this point via many different roads and experiences. And as you stand now on the brink of another opportunity to bring change to this world, you too are about to experience change in a new way.
For I came to bring change to this world says the Lord, and I came to offer the power for you to change so that you, in turn, can be My instrument to bring change to others.
This world has grown more and more decadent and has turned away from Me like never before. I have no place in the lives of those who are at the helm and lead the kingdoms of this world. Therefore changes must be made to bring Me back into the lives of these leaders.
I depend on My spiritual body in this earth, the Church to cause My power to be manifest in this world and to influence those who are in command. Because I can do nothing until a man or woman brings My authority and power to bear in the earth.
But you cannot do this in your own strength or you will fail. You need My power to succeed in this life, and to accomplish the commission that I gave to spread the Good News to every living creature.
That is why I am going to bring a fresh emphasis on My power to the Church in the year that lies ahead. There needs to be a greater understanding of how to tap into My divine power and bring it to bear on the many needs that can be seen in the world.

A ‘YES THEY CAN’ DO IT season in 2019. A season to revive destroyed dreams and promises, to OVERCOME the numerous times they’ve been told “no you can’t do that” by people in authority.

“This is a season of revived revelation of past dreams and authority that have been gathering dust because they’ve been told no over and over and over again. This is a SEASON OF YES, a season to recover and to remember the past dreams – for some over 50 years ago during the summer of ’68 and the year of lost innocence. This is their time, their season, to step into YES. It is for individuals, it is for groups, it is so big.

I was in prayer concerning what should the body of Christ do as we prepare for the New Year and season approaching. I suddenly received a closed vision with my mind's eyes that was very prophetic in nature. The inner vision was a person crossing the finishing line in an Olympic track and field race. As I sought the Lord concerning this vision, I heard the Spirit of God whisper the word "Relentless!" God was showing me that He desires His people to have "relentless faith" as they press into the New Year and finish strong. God doesn't just want His people to finish strong but start even stronger for 2019.
According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word "relentless" means "continuing without becoming weaker, less severe and remaining strict or determined." In other words, to be relentless means that something bad that is relentless never stops or never becomes less intense as the enemy is relentless in attacking the children of God. But as children of God, we are called to be overcomers in Christ, and we are relentless by determining to do something regardless of opposing opposition and refusal to give up, even if what you are doing is unpleasant or cruel.

In the last 30 years, I have not seen a season in which the activity in the spirit world has been this heightened. Keeping that in mind, here are five different prophetic points the Lord has been showing me which describe the days in which we live.
5 Prophetic Points for 2019 and Beyond
1. God Has the Harvest on His Mind
These are days of the rebirthing of the evangelist. As Billy Graham graduated into heaven, a mantle for evangelism has fallen. This mantle is not one that has descended on just one man or woman, but it is rather a calling of grace from God granted to an entire generation. Around the world an influx of souls is beginning to come into the kingdom of God unlike anything we have seen in the body of Christ for 50 years.

We are on the final stretch of the decade of sight/seeing. 5770 -5779 is the Ayin decade which means the seeing decade. I’m sure you’ve seen the rise in the seer anointing through Dreams and Visions. The next decade (80-89) is about the mouth. The spoken word. Hearing God audibly. This is when the ones who have spiritual power with the spoken word will arise. Like the Elijah prophets that will be able to call down fire from heaven. Prophets opening their mouth and speaking over regions with instantaneous results. Words, words, words. Let your words be few. We’ll talk about this one later as it relates to the next decade.
If you are wondering how 9 became the number for fruitfulness this has to do with the Hebrew letters. Each letter has a numerical value. The number 9 in the Hebrew is the letter Tet
9 is the number of fruitfulness. The year is Ayin Tet, So, this is the year of the fruitfulness of what you see. It becomes a fulfillment year of the dreams and visions.
The first use of the letter Tet in the bible is during creation in Genesis 1:4 “ And God saw that the light was good. Then He separated the light from the darkness.” The word good in Hebrew is Tov and it begins with the letter Tet.
Tet is also the first letter for the word purity and also the first letter for the word impurity. This letter has a double meaning it is both good and it is evil. But notice in creation that God separates the light from the darkness.
In print you will see it with the crown but when the letter is written there is no crown.
You will notice that it is in the shape of a coiled serpent. This is the evil part of it. But then it is also the shape of a womb. This is the good!
It is not a coincidence that Rosh Hashannah began at sundown on September (9th month) on the 9th day!! Double nine! and in this year 18, double nine again!
If this all sounds familiar like you read or heard it before, you probably did. The Hebrew letters mean what they mean and the numbers mean what the numbers mean. This won’t change so whenever you read about 5779 it should sound the same. The rest of the prophetic word related to it is where you’ll hear the difference.
A woman is pregnant for 9 months before she gives birth. So what is hidden in the secret place gets revealed. This is the fruit of the womb. You can look at this from a spiritual stand point or physical standpoint. So this translates in the physical/natural realm to:
1. Pregnancies
2. Birth of new Business, Ministries, Ideas, Inventions, Books
3. Birth of new relationships, marriages, engagements
4. Fruitfulness of businesses, it turns around and you start seeing the profit
5. New Homes, new cars
6. It is the great unveiling of the hidden thing so you can actually see it now! Hallelujah!
In the spiritual realm this translates to:
Salvation (Praise God) Born again, get it? Yes it’s a birth.
Rebirth and recommitment of many who walked away from the church. Yes, they’re coming back.
More importantly, the unveiling of the new YOU. Your life will begin to look more fruitful. Not only from the outside but on the inside of you.
Because it is the year of what was hidden being made known, I believe God is going to make a distinction between good and evil. A separation. Watch for exposure of that which is not of the Lord in ministry. Wheat from tares. Light from darkness.

As I began writing this word for 2019, the LORD brought this scripture to me from 1 Corinthians 2:9.
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
We are coming into a year where we are going to experience many God surprises. God is going to intervene in things that we could not accomplish in our own strength.
2018 has been an extremely difficult year for many people. I received numerous prayer requests for healing, financial difficulties, turmoil in families and problems in ministries.
Yesterday afternoon after reading a scripture in the Song of Solomon, I saw a picture that my friend posted on Facebook.
In this picture she was wearing two watches. She jokingly asked “Does anyone know what this means prophetically?”
She has been through so much trauma in her life and especially the past year losing loved ones, battling sickness and attack on her ministry.
When I looked at that picture the LORD told me to send her this scripture from Song of Solomon 2:11-13 in the Passion translation.
As I was writing it to her, the Holy Spirit told me to release this word for the body of Christ for 2019.
For many of you who have been going through challenging trials this past year, the bondage of your barren winter is coming to an end.
A new day of destiny will burst forth as Jesus is calling you to run into the new level that He has for you.
He is restoring life and new growth to the areas that have been desolate and appear to be dead. Some of you have been through a pruning process and it hasn’t been pleasant.
In order to promote new growth, some things must be removed from your life that are not bearing fruit.
The LORD has also removed some people from your life so that He could bring you to this higher place and fulfill His plans for your life and ministry.
“The season has changed, the bondage of your barren winter has ended, and the season of hiding is over and gone. The rains have soaked the earth and left it bright with blossoming flowers. The season for singing and pruning the vines has arrived, I hear the cooing of doves in our land, filling the air with songs to awaken you and guide you forth. Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth, The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers, “There is change in the air.” Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to the higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with me,” Song of Solomon 2:11- 13 TPT).

It is a new day… The Joshua generation is coming forth!
God is continuously pouring out revelation as we enter the year 2019 according to the Gregorian calendar….
The year 2019 will be very prophetic as it will expose hidden truths and bring new revelations that will change the world as we know it…
Get ready to move, because today is a new day and God is raising up a new and younger generation of people to bring about His Purpose and Plan that will awaken His People and bring them on over into the promised land.

I asked our Father about 2019. I have been hearing quite a bit.

But the main theme is this: “My Children are going to have the “TIME OF THEIR LIVES.” It will be a TIME OF SUDDENLIES.” (Receive this word by faith )
“Beloved. This shall be the time of your life. You shall JUMP FOR JOY, My Child. My GLORY shall be seen upon you and be working in you and through you as never before.
Great Faith shall override fear. SUDDENLY, it shall happen for I have decreed it. All ages were just leading up to this.

I just heard the LORD say, “This is going to be an over 100% year!
You have been pressing for 100% but I AM about to give you double for your trouble as you crest the top of the mountain you have been climbing!
You will now pick up the momentum of the wind of My Spirit behind you and you shall gain more on the way down this mountain than in all of the years behind you!
Your faith will get you through the last leg of this journey and allow you to come to the top.
Now you will go back down the mountain and take the revelation that you’ve gained to the people on the ground!”

What emerged in 2018, rolling into 2019 is God’s order flowing out of chaos.

The government of the Kingdom is arising within His sons and daughters, those the whole creation is groaning for.
In fact, the whole creation is anticipating the arrival of overcomers (sons and daughters); those who fear nothing except the LORD – those who maintain peace in the midst of raging storms.
What if this 500th year anniversary since ‘the Reformation,’ 50 year Jubilee (since 1967) is signaling an ‘Open Gate,’ Global Reset, Return of All Stolen, The End of An Era, The Beginning of Overcomers, Testimony, Grace, More For Less, Birth of Man-Child, Ruling With Iron Scepter?
At least in part, 2019 is about receiving fullness – an inheritance on earth (being demonstrably helped by God – experiencing the goodness of God in the land of the living, and witnessing ‘all stolen’ being returned).
As stated, this begins by an internal order emerging through chaos, as restlessness caused by worry gives way to rest.
Rest can be characterized by lack of worry, which comes when we realize God has “all things” covered in our lives.
We no longer worry about people (or what they think), or things (what we will eat, drink, own, lose, achieve, etc.,)
We grant God permission to be “all things” to us, for us, in us, about us – He truly becomes our ALL!

2019 will be a year of reset; One where you will find new foundations. It will be a time when those things which seemed to be solid will be shown to be unstable, and at the same time new paradigms of stability will emerge.

They will be in your finances. Things you thought you could count on will be shown to be less reliable yet at the same time new sources and transfers to you will take place from places you did not even know of in the past. A new reliance on provision from God will pay bigger dividends than any stock market.
You will make new connections in the year to come. Some of the old will have to fade away as you position yourself for the coming season. Not all old connections will have to be severed; some will provide stability in the days to come. There are however a few that the Lord will tell you of that need to end. Make no enemies, burn no bridges but as doors close you will find new peace.
There are new opportunities emerging as you face the year to come. Much comes because the landscape is changing. Look at the year just past. You never imagined finding yourself where you are today and now look.. it’s not stopping.

There is an assignment for the Child of God. It’s not what you always thought. It’s not designed to give you new visibility, it is an undercover assignment. It is one that will provide breakthrough for others as you breakthrough to a new level in ministry. The changes taking place are also happening in the old wineskin ministries and churches. The evolving restructure is accelerating. Many will despair for the loss of what they thought was the serving God programs as they are replaced by more effective and more efficient ways.

Severe change in 2019, as the new season of Kingdom continues to interrupt the status quo with divine ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Love will replace fear and hate. Many who secretly and inwardly despised others who are different will experience the love power of God changing their hearts.
The new ways will provide a new foundational purpose and value to life in this world.
Instead of the foundation of each individual’s personal concern for wellbeing and pleasure driven desires, the guiding purpose of life will rest upon the foundation of love for God, love for His people, and love for His created world.
Whether we have little or a lot, whether we are abased or abounding will not affect our demeanor.
The love power of God will sustain and enable us to complete the assignment God has given into our hands, (Philippians 4:4-13).
The new concepts and ideas flowing in on the Spirit airways will be quickly activated and implemented into our hearts and lives in 2019.
In the years beyond 2019, the fullness of these new strategies will fully take hold in this world.
This will move the kingdom into the settlement and establishment stage in which that which was planted inwardly and grew deep roots will grow up into the order of the land.

God Is Answering Out of the Whirlwind
In Job 38, God finally speaks to Job after keeping silent through the dialogues of Job’s friends.
Job was looking for an answer from God to make sense of his suffering and pain. His friends tried to offer an explanation, but their conjectures were not sufficient.
For those of you who have been waiting for God to respond to your disappointment and pain, he is going to speak as well as show his hand.
2019 Is the Year to Ask
God has been dealing with me about the freedom to ask. We often assume that we know the mind of God.
For many of us, assuming has put us in a situation that has caused unnecessary conflict.
God has been very specific with me over the past few weeks that this is the time to ask.
This means that we need to schedule times of strategic to petition God and hear his response to us.
There are a plethora of downloads available for the saints of God that will only be available in times of intercession and prayer.
The Holy Spirit is beginning to pull the intercessors away into a time of deep consecration to hear and ask. Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit’s advances.
“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened,” Matthew 7:7-8 (ESV).
Vacant Seats
The LORD showed me a vision of empty seats.
The LORD said, “There will be a transference of the anointing. Many leaders will be empty seats void of My Authority while temporarily holding positions of power.”
The Davids that have been working tirelessly in the field being prepared are about to be given a seat at the table.
Unassuming people will be given high positions of authority in the natural that are equal or equivalent to their rank in the spirit.
This repositioning will expose religious spirits and individuals with vain ambitions. God’s hand will be unequivocally on these leaders that he is raising up.
Even when the spirit of slander comes to sabotage, the anointing will heavily rest upon them and confound the naysayers.
“Humble yourselves before the LORD, and He will exalt you,” James 4:10.

Have you ever waded in a river or a body of water? I used to go fishing a lot in my younger years. Most of the time we would go fishing in the brooks so there wasn’t room for a boat, we had to wade from one end of the brook to the other. When in shallow water it was easy, you could see where you were stepping, you could say the deeper holes and the rocks that could cause you to slip and fall. But there were times the brook would lead into a larger pond of water, typically caused by a beaver dam. As you got into that deeper water it got to the point where you couldn’t really see how deep it was or where you were stepping, but at the same time, you wanted to get to the other side, you didn’t want to turn around and go back, so you took a chance and went for it. Keep in mind, I didn’t know how to swim so this was a little more of a chance for me to take. I had to trust that I would keep my footing and wouldn’t slip into a deep hole or slip on a rock and drown.
Spiritually speaking, for 2019, it’s time to pass through some deep waters. It’s time to enter into something, transition into something, where you won’t be able to see what’s in front of you. I will be like wading in deep waters. You’re going to have to trust that God has every step of yours directed, He’s not going to allow you to slip and drown.

On December 14, 2018, I had a dream about various attacks coming upon our country. I was also shown those who would be sent out to counter each one.
In the dream, I was waiting in line to be sent to fight one of these enemies when I was approached by an angel and told that I had a different assignment. I was then taken to a large device that was showing “A History of The American Republic from Heaven’s Perspective.”
As I watched this, I saw that if I walked across the face of this device, to my right the times progressed toward the present. I decided to go to the end to see heaven’s perspective on what was happening now. When I came to the present, there was a sentence written in brilliant glowing golden letters: “The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War is inevitable, it is right, and it will be successful.”
From what I had seen as I walked to see the present, I understood why this Revolutionary/Civil War was “inevitable” and why it was “right.” As I stood pondering this, feeling that this might be the most important revelation I had ever been trusted with, I woke up.

(my notes)

  • Reboot- new batteries, recharge
  • File away things, leave the past behind, get past carnal perspectives; to see clearly
  • Be elevated to see, go deeper in the spirit; more elaborate perspective
  • A greater sense of purpose, when we align with God's heart
  • Isaiah 54- Expand your tent ropes
  • Contrast in your life- you will be different, light and dark (1 Peter 5:8)
    • Moving from being (abiding) in the light to being (sharing) the light
  • Don't waste time on self pity, but take the opportunities presented to you to make a difference
5 Visions:

1. The garbage dump
  • People addicted to political rhetoric/media, sorting garbage looking for truth
  • Instead, go past the dump, to the lake and the mountain
2. A swimmer with an oxygen tank and a wetsuit

  • He swam down into underwater beautiful caves, with a light
  • This what's available in the lake in vision 1
  • You have to suit up and dive in and go deep the get revelation
  • Psalm 95:4 Go deep and high
3. Seeing the window within the window, and another within that
  • Refining sight, greater clarity, purity
  • Zech. 13:9 Refinement
4. For spiritual warriors who fight against the enemy
  • Spiritual warships in the clouds
  • Fighting with a higher level of effectiveness
  • Learning more effective warfare
  • Luke 10:19
  • This is something we can have if we want it, seek it
5.  3 things
  1. A bonfire
  2. A lighthouse
  3. An airport beacon
  • These are all us: you are that light
  • "walk in the light"
  • Psalm 27
  • Matt. 5:16
Small Straws:
  • When you feel weak, know I am with you: lean on me (2 Cor. 12:9a)
  • If you will rise up in spirit and seek my face, I will show you things you could not have imagined
    • Revelation, empowerment
    • This requires relationship- learning to see and hear God- obedience
    • Romans 2:18-19
    • Be the light- that's your ministry- Matt. 5:19
  • 19 means justice, divine order connected to judgement- opinions, justice, right decisions
    • Doing the right thing is easier this year

"It will be a year of marvels, wonders, extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of your God."

“2019. The year of Illumination. My Bride will radiate and shine. The Church will be stretched to enlarge. I’m drawing the out- of- box ones in.“

Graham Cooke - 2019: A Year of Promise, Permission & Purpose

R. Loren Sandford 2019 Prophetic part 1: What Must We Do? 

Part 2: What Do I See, What Do I Know?

Cindy Jacobs: Word of The Lord, 2019

I want share with you what God has been saying for 2019, and I'm very excited about everything ahead.
This is a compilation of words sent to us from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, and many many of the well-known prophets from 65 nations during the Global Prophetic Summit. As I was looking through everything, it's really amazing, but one thematic thing was, which excited me, was that God's going to use women in a greater way!

Johnny's Prophetic Word for the New Year - 2019

Prophetic Word for 2019 | Don Blevins

Resurrection, recovery, restitution, restoration