Sky Links, 3-9-19

My image repair analysis of the IAG report
-Benjamin Ady

Jo Anne Lyon, Gary Walter, Leith Anderson, and Margaret Diddams
Here begins my image repair analysis of the IAG report IAG of @WillowCreekCC & @GLNSummit. I learned this method from @jdahlmd, based on Benoit's image repair theory & Melody Fisher's doctoral thesis. Here's @jdahlmd's description of the 4 nonChristian image repair categories...Here are the two Christian categories of image repair, as described by @jdahlmd, based on Benoit's Image Repair theory and Melody Fischer's doctoral thesis. Haven't seen either of these in this report so far. Please let me know if I missed them.

Carolyn Custis James: Helping Men and Women Create An Alliance Based on Biblical Understanding

The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
-Mr Reagan