Psalm 78:1 Tell The Story

My people, hear my instruction; listen to the words from my mouth.
-Psalm 78:1

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" (George Santayana)

We who are older, must tell the story (salvation history) to the younger generation who just does not know. We must teach them to learn from the past, about God's grace and our faithful or unfaithfulness; and the results.
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History is "His story"- What God did in the lives of people. And we are the historians who get to tell the story and teach the next generation. Telling the stories is a mandate and a solemn duty. Every older person who has been around, who has seen, heard, and known the story; is commissioned to teach it, to tell it to everybody that will listen.
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This isn't someone else's job. We are it. We are all elders now. We are all responsible to encourage and warn the next generation.
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Tell the story of God's grace and of the people who rebelled. The kindness of God and the severity of disobedience.
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The purpose is so that we don't forget God, but trust and obey Him.

We are always one generation from extinction.
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God has no grandchildren.  This means that each generation must become and be made disciples.
Faith must be passed down intentionally