Sky Links, 6-22-19

The Lord is re-establishing you not just in your mantle, but the anointing, the position and the authority that you carry. As this was happening, there were sudden turnarounds and the vindication and justice many had been waiting for was beginning to take shape and form. There was a shifting into 'You will now see the tangible justice' of the Lord. The repayment of the Lord that is coming upon many is so weighty that the manifestation of the repayment would be so explosive that many would be left bewildered at how the Lord did it. I felt as this was happening that it would not only begin to trickle in, but I felt the Lord saying it would only be the beginning of the justice and repayment that He was releasing.

I heard the Lord say, "Where the enemy stolen, destroyed, and devoured. I have come and caught the enemy by my mighty hand and he must now repay. There is no escaping the power of my hand. I am accelerating the vindication and justice over your life where I will demonstrate Isaiah 61:8. You will be left in wide eye wonder at the manifestation of my justice and the vindication that I am bringing into your life will be magnanimous. As I will do what only I the Lord can do. The justice and vindication that I am bringing will be unlike you have experienced before. As many will see the vindication and justice over your life many will know that the Lord your God is surely with you. For the fight belongs to me. The things that been against you and seemed that it would never change. Those things are now crumbling. The tables have turned and will continue to turn as I continue to move powerfully in your life. You will see how much I am for you and how I have been with you. For this day the Egyptians you see today you will see no more. For I will demonstrate my power as I did with the Israelite's when Pharaoh drowned in the red sea. What I did then I will do it again. You will see Pharaoh fall and defeated. For I am the Lord your God your mighty defender and conqueror!

Chuck Pierce: A 12-Fold Acceleration of Time

Chuck spoke under a tent on the Independence Mall in Philadelphia last night, 6/10/2019.
Video quality is not the best, but the Prophetic Word is very powerful.
This location is where the United States government was formed and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.
Make prophetic declarations that America's revival roots will be awakened and accelerated!
Please latch on, fine-tune and PRAY HARD into this word at 5:24:
“I saw the Lord tuning a guitar, a 12-string guitar; and the guitar had “America” upon it.
And the Lord said, “Beginning tonight, for the next 12 months, I will tune and fine-tune the sound of this land.”
And I say, “By this time next year, there will be a new sound flowing through this land.”
And I say to you, “I am shaking, beginning tonight, this nation like an hourglass.”
And I say, “Because I am shaking it, time will accelerate 12-fold.”
I say, “You are moving in one dimension, but each month you will accelerate.”
So, I say, “The next year from now there will be an acceleration of what I am doing throughout this land.”
I say to you, “There will be accelerations of my movements and my people, and the way they worship.”
I say, “Tonight, there will be a moving forward of my plan of this land. And because you have come and stood where you were asked to come and stand, I say NOW, the shaking, and the acceleration of time, and the fine-tuning of the sound of this land begins tonight.”
-King of Kings Worship Center 

21 Tips for Adrenaline & Stress

-Brian Hofmeister

Adrenaline and Stress by Archibald Hart is easily one of the top 10 books I’ve derrived personal application from.  I recently revisited his book and compiled his tips on adrenaline and stress management. 

  1. Self talk is the best start – tell yourself to calm down.  Consciously physically relax.  Practice breathing relaxation exercises if needed.  Stop trying to be a savior and remind yourself of your small place in this world. 
  2. Quickly resolve the big adrenaline emotions – anger, resentment, frustration, irritation, over excitement.
  3. Notice people.
  4. Adjust your expectations.
  5. When you know high adrenaline seasons are coming, plan-in adequate recovery time. 
  6. Avoiding Anger:  Have a few friends who are non-angry.  Accent the flaws in your own personality – revealing your imperfection helps you be more forgiving of others.  Stop believing anger is your ally.  Be assertive when people hurt you.  Stop criticizing others.  Find someone to talk to about life circumstances with.
  7. Smooth your brow and drop your jaw – clenching never helps.  This is one of the simplest things you can be conscious of on a busy day.
  8. Relax your hands, once again avoiding clenching.
  9. Get medication if needed.
  10. Sleep and lowering adrenaline has a chicken & egg kind of relationship (Chapter 11).  The National Commission on Sleep Disorders suggests 8 hrs of sleep per night for health.  Hart suggests 8-10, depending on the demands of that season.  1/4 adults have insomnia.
  11. Shut of adrenaline in non-emergency situations.  Your life span will be shortened if stress/adrenaline is present to achieve daily routine functions.
  12. Love – it’s more than a feeling; more than liking people.
  13. Forgiveness
  14. Be okay with unfinished business.  God will be the one to finish. 
  15. Create periods of non-thinking.
  16. Slow down your thinking – talk to yourself very slowly.
  17. Cover one thing at a time.
  18. Change your attitude – most Type-A’s are trying to prove something to themselves, or the world.
  19. Change your behavior – slow down in everything.  Eliminate hurry.
  20. Learn to laugh.  Don’t take life too seriously.  Enjoy life and the world around you. 
  21. Abundant evidence says our most inventive and creative times are in low adrenaline.  Adrenaline is for action, not thinking.

Kate Bowler and Ray Barfield: Duke Divinity Practice and Presence 2018

Duke Divinity Professor Kate Bowler, author of the bestselling Everything Happens for a Reason, and Other Lies I’ve Loved, speaks with colleague and oncologist Dr. Raymond Barfield about her struggle to understand the personal and spiritual dimensions of the American belief that all tragedies are tests of character after she was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer at age 35. The conversation took place at Practice and Presence 2018, the annual conference of the Duke Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative.
(Video starts after introductions and technical difficulties resolved)

Willow Creek Community Church: A Cautionary Tale
-James Bedell

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

I Thought There Was a Simple Solution to an Unwanted Pregnancy, But I Was WrongWhat I wish people had known about the biggest struggle of my life
-Mariel Lindsay

I've come to think there's something about abortion that makes people want to move past it quickly without thinking or empathizing. All in one swift motion, as my friends recommended I do away with my pregnancy, I felt they were also doing away with me as a friend. Amid my mixed feelings, I felt completely unsupported as I assessed my other options. 
People thought that because I was young, unmarried, and the pregnancy was unplanned, it would never work. I can understand that. I felt that way for a lot of my pregnancy. How thankful I am that in those most challenging moments I listened less to those fears and to others' judgments, and more to my heart.
If I could tell them what I never will, I would say I wish they had believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. When I told them, in my weakest, most hopeless moments, “I can’t do this,” they confirmed it. “It’s okay that you can’t do this,” they echoed. Looking back, I wish they’d said, “Maybe you can do this.” Such a response would have forced me to wonder if maybe I was more powerful than I presumed, able to endure more pain and hardship than I dreamed possible, only to emerge stronger as a result.

Pray that Charlie’s Law is passed
-Sohrab Ahmari

Charlie’s Law, nicknamed after Charlie Gard, would permit parents to seek treatments at other hospitals “unless it would cause the child ‘significant harm,’” The Daily Mail reported last week. “The law would also compel hospitals to offer mediation in disputes before resorting to the courts.”
If enacted – and please God, let it be enacted – the proposed legislation would make it less likely for parents to find themselves having to single-handedly fight off Britain’s medical and legal establishments merely to try alternative remedies. That, you will remember, is what Charlie’s and Alfie’s parents had to do, and in both cases they failed to overcome the bureaucracy, notwithstanding the interventions of Pope Francis, President Trump and millions of supporters around the world.

Women religious vow solidarity in fight against human trafficking
-Dennis Sadowski

Trafficking is known as modern-day slavery because human beings are essentially bought and sold in a highly profitable industry. The International Labor Organization reported in 2014 that traffickers earn $150 billion annually.
A September 2017 report from the ILO and Walk Free Foundation said an estimated 24.9 million people were being trafficked around the world. The number included 16 million being exploited for labor, 4.8 million for sex and 4.1 million for state-imposed forced labor.

Why many Dems in the South back the new anti-abortion laws
-Salena Zito

A recent Pew poll shows that six out of 10 people nationally support abortion in the first trimester. But in Kentucky, 57 percent of people believe abortion should be flat-out illegal, according to a different Pew poll, from 2014. And voters in Mississippi and Louisiana hold stronger pro-life views than the national average, according to a recent regional survey conducted by Republican pollster Wes Anderson.
When Anderson asked voters in Louisiana if they considered themselves pro-life or pro-choice, 64 percent said pro-life. Meanwhile, 40 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of independents and 88 percent of Republicans in the state said they consider themselves pro-life.
In Mississippi, 60 percent of voters said they were pro-life, with 29 percent of Democrats, 55 percent of independents and 83 percent of Republicans making that claim.
And here’s a fact that might surprise people north of the Mason-Dixon Line — 58 percent of the pro-life Democrats in Louisiana are black. In Mississippi, that number jumps to 73 percent. “The point is … Democrats who call themselves pro-life … in most states are black,” said Anderson. (Full disclosure: Anderson is a partner at OnMessage Inc. with Brad Todd, co-author of my book, “The Great Revolt.”)
“It’s a little fact that’s been around for a long, long time that the Democrats just conveniently ignore,” he added. “The place where Republicans get pro-life Democrat support is a subset of black Democrats.”

Are We Building One Another Up on Social Media?
-Constance T. Hull

I always find it interesting when someone finally posts a personal post, usually a prayer request, and they put in “I rarely do this, but I need prayers.” Since when is requesting prayers from the Mystical Body supposed to be rare? Why do we view prayer as a burden? It’s the most real thing that a person may post. It’s a reminder that there is a living, breathing person made imago Dei behind the posts. Why should relying on one another be rare? Why does social media need to be a constant stream of current affairs and political fights? It’s a tool that can be used for so much good.
When I started sharing my family’s struggles with others and requesting prayers things changed for us. I’m convinced the prayers of my friends in social media, my parish, and elsewhere were the reason my husband was diagnosed quickly and he’s still here. We are the Mystical Body. We are meant to lift one another up.
Why is asking for prayers considered shameful? In our weakness we are made strong according to St. Paul. Showing that we are human and struggling with the afflictions of this life is a witness to the need for Christ and one another. It shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment or seen as a burden to others. We can’t go it alone. That’s one of the major lessons of the spiritual life. I’d rather know more about what is going on in someone’s life than read 15 political posts from them.

‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’ becomes the unofficial anthem in Hong Kong
-Verna Yu

Throughout last week’s mass protests over a controversial extradition law in Hong Kong, one prominent feature stood out: the almost continuous singing of the hymn “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord.”
The powerful singing broke out spontaneously during demonstration processions, in make-shift services on footbridges and impromptu prayer meetings before traffic roadblocks. It was sung during a gathering of protesters on the lush lawn all around the legislature building and, most prominently, during tense stand-offs between protesters and police.
Many Christians said they felt empowered by a pervasive sense of God while non-Christian demonstrators said they were also touched by a feeling of love and peace through the singing of the hymn. About 11 percent of Hong Kong’s residents are Christian; including 390,000 Catholics, representing about 5 percent of the population.

Tip Your Hotel Maid: My grandmother worked in housekeeping for 10 years—and it’s a job where you could use a gratuity.
-Margaret Carlson

As I check out of a hotel, various excuses race through my head for not tipping the housekeeper. I’m in a big rush. I don’t have cash. Will the maid who folded my clothes get the money? Why can’t I just add a gratuity to the credit-card bill and expense it?
About 70 percent of hotel guests go through the same mental exercise and end up not leaving a tip. A waiter would have to spit in your soup, and you would have to see him do it, to stiff him. Housekeepers are stiffed every day. I’ve heard every reason why guests treat hotel workers so differently than other service workers, but I’ve not heard a good one.