My steps are on your paths; my feet have not slipped. Psalm 17:5

My steps are on your paths; my feet have not slipped.

-Psalm 17:5

Jeremiah Burroughs wrote this about David's backstory to these words:

Lord, whatsoever the wrath of Saul be against me, yet let neither that, nor any other thing put me out of thy way, but keep my heart close unto thee, and keep my paths in thy way; let not my footsteps so much as slide from thee, for, Lord, they watch for my halting; if they can find but the least slip from me, they take advantage of it to the utmost; and I am a poor and a weak creature, therefore Lord help me, that my footsteps may not slide.

Charles Spurgeon wrote this:

Under trial it is not easy to behave ourselves aright; a candle is not easily kept alight when many envious mouths are puffing at it. In evil times prayer is peculiarly needful, and wise men resort to it at once.

We have a precept here incorporated in an example; if we would be preserved, we must cry to the Preserver, and enlist divine support upon our side. "Hold up my goings" - as a careful driver holds up his horse when going down hill.

We have all sorts of paces, both fast and slow, and the road is never long of one sort, but with God to hold up our goings, nothing in the pace or in the road can cast down. 

Peter C. Craigie wrote:

His feet have held firmly to God's "tracks", which suggests a walk entirely different than that of wicked persons.
He could assume the privilege of the righteous and pray for vindication.

My steps have held closely to Your paths [to the tracks of the One Who has gone on before]; my feet have not slipped.

-Psalm 17:5 (AMPC)